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Here you can find information on our tickets and fares, and what you may bring with you when travelling with us.

Your travel frequency determines which ticket is most suitable for you. All of our tickets can be used on Ruter's metro, trams, buses and ferries, and on NSB's trains in Oslo and Akershus.

See age limits and discounts

See information about prams, dogs, bicycles ang baggage on board

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Single ticket (knapp)
Single ticket
24-hour ticket (knapp)
24-hour ticket
7-day ticket (knapp)
7-day ticket
30-day ticket (knapp)
30-day ticket
365-day ticket (knapp)
365-day ticket
Supplementary tickets for additional zones (knapp)
Supplementary tickets for additional zones
Pay-as-you-go credit (knapp)
Pay-as-you-go credit
Rufus ticket (knapp)
Rufus ticket (for kindergarten groups and school classes)

The Oslo Pass tourist ticket

Oslo Pass covers public transport in zones 1, 2V, 2S and 2Ø as well as entry to several museums and attractions.

See for prices and terms

Travelling with groups

See information about group travel and how you buy tickets for others


Note that you must prove that you are entitled to a discount if asked by staff. If you don't have valid proof, you may be fined if there is a ticket inspection.

More about ticket inspections

Child. Pictogram


Children below the age of 4 travel free. Children from the age of 4 and up to the age of 15 may travel with a children's ticket. Remember to activate period tickets with a children's fare the day before you turn 16 at the latest.

Young person. Pictogram

Young persons

Young persons from the age of 16 up to and including the age of 19 are eligible for a discount on 7 day tickets and 30 day tickets. Young people pay full price for all other types of tickets. Note that tickets with youth discounts must be activated the day before you turn 20 at the latest.

Family. Pictogram


Family discounts apply on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. With the family discount you may bring up to four children below the age of 16 for free. To use the family discount you must have a valid ticket and be over 18 years.

Family discount does not apply if you travel with the Oslo Pass or other special tickets.

Student. Pictogram


Students below the age of 30 and work experience trainees can get a 40% discount on the 30-day ticket. This also applies to students at upper secondary schools that have reached the age of 20. Student discount applies only on the 30-day ticket, not single tickets or other period tickets.

See terms and how you purchase a student ticket

Concession. Pictogram

Seniors and other concessions

The senior discount applies to everyone above the age of 67, for persons with a Norwegian disability pension, as well as the blind and spouses/cohabitants travelling with the person entitled to a senior discount.

Wheelchair. Pictogram


If you are in a wheelchair, you travel free on our transport services. Due to safety concerns there are size and weight restrictions for wheelchairs, depending on the service you are travelling with.

See maximum size, weight and accessibility on board for wheelchairs

Companion. Pictogram


Companions to persons with disabilities, who cannot travel alone, travel free on Ruter's transport services. In the event of a ticket inspection, you must present a companion certificate. It is the municipality or district that issues the companion certificate and it is the person with disabilities who receive it.

See for rules for compaions when travlling by train

Military service. Pictogram

Military service

If you are a member of the armed forces, you are entitled to a discount on single tickets. Personnel in compulsory military service pay the children's fare for single tickets in the service period upon presentation of a service certificate.

On board

Pram. Pictogram


  • You may bring a pram free of charge if there is sufficient space on board.
  • The driver determines whether there is sufficient space, taking safety into account.
  • Due to safety concerns there are size restriction for prams.

See maximum sizes and accessibility on board for prams

Dog. Pictogram

Dogs and guide dogs

  • Dogs and guide dogs travel free on Ruter's transport services.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash and must not obstruct free passage.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the dog does not inconvenience other passengers.
  • You yourself are responsible for any harm the dog causes to others.
  • Animals are not permitted directly on seats, and must sit on the floor on on your lap during transport

Bicycle. Pictogram

Bicycles, personal transporters and kicksleds

  • A children's fare applies to bicycles, personal transporters and kicksleds.
  • Scooters, small children's bicycles, disabled bicycles and collapsible bicycles travel free.
  • The staff determines whether there is sufficient space.
  • The length must not exceed 1,750 mm, while the width must not exceed 700 mm.
  • You may bring you bicycle free on the metro if travelling outside of rush hour (Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.) or during weekends. If travelling during rush hour, you must pay the children's fare for the bicycle.
  • It is not permitted to use bicycles, skateboards, roller skates or similar in Ruter's areas or transport services.

Ski, sledge and luggage. Pictogram

Skis, sledges and other baggage

  • It is free to travel with skis, sledges and other baggage.
  • The driver determines whether there is sufficient space, taking safety into account.
  • Skis, toboggans, sledges and other baggage must be held or placed such that they do not inconvenience other passengers.

See for rules for dogs, baggage and bicycles on trains

Illegal. Pictogram

Illegal to bring on board

  • Flammable and explosive substances
  • Motor operated bicycles/tools
  • Loaded weapons
  • Sharp/odorous objects
  • Other objects that clearly are bothersome to other passengers

How to buy a ticket

See terms and conditions for Ruter's services

Other tickets and fares

Travelling with the airport bus, Airport Express Train, the Bygdøy ferries, TIMEkspressen and routes outside of Oslo/Akershus?

See tickets and fares of other companies


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