Cookies uses cookies if you have approved this in your Web browser. Cookies are small text files stored by your browser on your computer.

Cookies used by

Cookies are only stored locally, and do not give access to information about you and your use beyond what is described here.

Google Analytics and Hotjar

We use the Google Analytics and Hotjar tools to collect statistics on the use of the site, such that we may gain insight into how we may improve the service. We obtain information on which pages and services that are used, where the users are from, time spent on the pages, how the users navigate on the pages, etc.

Google Analytics and Hotjar delete information that can identify individuals upon receipt, and your IP address is anonymized.

Google Analytics uses cookies that start with _ga and _gat. _ga cookies are used to collect information on visits for analysis purposes, and are deleted after 2 years. _gat cookies provide Google Analytics with information on which site to track and where the information is to be sent, and are deleted after 10 minutes.

Hotjar uses the _hjIncludedInSample cookie to know whether your visit is to be included in an analysis. This is deleted after one year.


MinSide uses the CustomerSessionId cookie to remember your login details. This is deleted when you close your browser.

Ruter's servers

Ruter's servers use the __RequestVerificationToken cookie to ensure communication with your browser. This cookie is deleted when you close your browser.


EPiServer is's content management system, and it uses the ASP.NET_SessionId cookie. This is a session information cookie that is required for the website to work, and is defined when the page is loaded. This is deleted when you close your browser.

Deactivating cookies

You may use without cookies if you prefer. In your browser's settings you can choose whether websites, and if so which websites, are permitted to store cookies on your machine.

Google has developed a plug-in you can install to prevent Google Analytics from working in your browser.