About us

We develop, plan, coordinate, procure and market public transport in Oslo and Akershus. All transport services are carried out by various operating companies on our behalf.


Bernt Reitan Jenssen. PortrettfotoBernt Reitan Jenssen

CEO managing director
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Rune Pedersen. PortrettfotoRune Pedersen


Snorre Lægran. Bilde. Snorre Lægran


Møyfrid Aandstad. Portrettfoto.Møyfrid Aandstad


Johan Gjærum. Bilde. Johan Gjærum


Elisabeth Skarsbø Moen. PortrettfotoElisabeth Skarsbø Moen


Agnethe Ellingsen. PortrettfotoAgnethe Ellingsen


Endre Angelvik. PortrettfotoEndre Angelvik


Terje Storhaug. PortrettfotoTerje Storhaug


Members elected by Ruter's owners

The board is elected at the General meeting.

Kristin Bjella. Foto.

Kristin Bjella



Jens Ulltveit-Moe. FotoJens Ulltveit-Moe

deputy chairperson


Ole A. Hagen. PortrettfotoOle A. Hagen

board member


Lars Syse Christiansen. PortrettfotoLars Syse Christiansen

board member


Silvija Seres. PortrettfotoSilvija Seres

board member


Members elected by Ruter's employees


Sofie Bruun. Portrettfoto.

Sofie Bruun

board member


Anders Tomasgard. Foto.Anders Tomasgard

board member


Morten Stubberød. Foto.Morten Stubberød

board observer


Einar Foss. Foto.Einar Foss

board observer


Ruter itself owns no buses, trams, ferries or Metros. The transport itself is performed by various operator companies that have a contract with Ruter. The Metro and the Oslo tram are permanent contract partners, whereas buses and boats are awarded contracts after competitive tendering.