About us

Ruter plans, coordinates, orders and markets public transport in Oslo and Akershus. All operative service is performed by various operating companies that work by contract for Ruter and by NSB with local trains.

Ruter AS is a common management company for public transport in Oslo and Akershus which is owned by Oslo municipality (60 %) and Akershus County Council (40 %).


Bernt Reitan Jenssen. Portrait photo

Bernt Reitan Jenssen

CEO managing director



Rune Pedersen. Portrait photo

Rune Pedersen

finance director


Snorre Lægran. Portrait photo

Snorre Lægran


Anders Finckenhagen. Portrait photo

Anders Finckenhagen

operations director


Ellen Marie Rogde. Portrait photo

Ellen Marie Rogde



Marit Elin Leite. Portrait photo

Marit Elin Leite



Marit Westvig. Portrait photo

Marit Westvig

general counsel


Bjørn Auglend. Portrait photo

Bjørn Auglend



Endre Angelvik. Portrait photo

Endre Angelvik



Terje Storhaug. Portrait photo

Terje Storhaug



Merete Hernæs. Portrait photo

Merete Hernæs





Members elected by Ruter's owners 

Sigurd Grytten. Portrait photoSigurd Grytten



Mariann Hornnes. Portrait photo

Mariann Hornnes

Deputy Chair of the Board


Are Kjensli. Portrait photo

Are Kjensli

Board Member


Gunnar Lindberg. Portrait photo

Gunnar Lindberg

Board Member


Silvija Seres. Portrait photo.

Gunnar Lindberg

Board Member


Members elected by Ruter's employees

Carl Sandstad. Portrait photo

Carl Sandstad

Board Member


Morten Stubberød. Foto.

Morten Stubberød

Board Member


Øystein Fjæra. Portrait photo

Øystein Fjæra

Board Observer


Gry Bredesen. Foto.

Gry Bredesen

Board Observer


Konsentra AS

Konsentra is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ruter As, the purpose of which is to coordinate, plan and arrange passenger transport. Every year, it arranges approximately 1.2 million trips commissioned by Ruter, Helse Sør-Øst as well as several municipalities in Akershus.


Ruter itself owns no buses, trams, ferries or Metros. The transport itself is performed by various operator companies that have a contract with Ruter. The Metro and the Oslo tram are permanent contract partners, whereas buses and boats are awarded contracts after competitive tendering.