Travelling with wheelchair


If you are in a wheelchair, you travel free on our services.

Remember that wheelchairs must secured on board using the available straps.

Maximum size and weight

Due to safety concerns there are restrictions on maximum size and weight, depending on the service you are travelling with. Sizes and weights correspond to the most commonly used electric wheelchairs. You yourself are responsible for complying with the restrictions described below.

On buses

  • The wheelchair's length may not exceed 1,460 mm (city buses in Oslo) and 1,300 mm (regional buses in Akershus). The width may not exceed 750 mm. All sizes are with user.
  • The total weight including the user must not exceed 300 kg. This is due to the plate that the wheelchair must stand up against during transportation.
  • Electric wheelchairs may have a maximum speed of 10 km/h.

Ruter's buses are designed to comply with the requirements of the regulations relating to universal design and the underlying Bus Directive appendix 7.

On the Metro, trams and ferries

The maximum size and weight when travelling on the Metro, tram lines 13, 17 and 18 and ferries:

  • Wheelchairs with lengths of up to 1,460 mm and widths of up to 750 mm.
  • The total weight including the user must not exceed 325 kg.

The older trams on lines 12, 19 and partially line 13 are not accessible for wheelchairs.