Personal data protection

It is not necessary for you to provide personal information in order to travel with Ruter. It is up to you whether you wish to register yourself with us or not. The tickets are not personal. You can also be anonymous when you use our services on the Internet or with a mobile phone.

Handling of personal information

All personal information that you give to Ruter will be stored in a defensible manner and treated as being confidential. The information will only be stored for as long as is necessary to process your inquiry/transaction or carry out the service concerned. Handling of personal information is subject to the Norwegian Personal Data Act.

Ruter has prepared procedures with respect to the Personal Data Act for the handling of personal information at Ruter, where requirements for information security and internal controls are addressed. Ruter normally does not need sensitive personal information in order to process your inquiry. If you nevertheless must send us such information, we recommend, due to security considerations, that you send it by post or fax.

More about how Ruter handles the protection of your personal data when you use:

Requests to inspect

Pursuant to the Personal Data Act, section 18, you possess the right to inspect the registered information upon request, as well as the right to demand correction and deletion pursuant to sections 27 and 28 of the Act. Such requests must be submitted in writing. Due to security related reasons we will primarily respond to the request using your address.

The individual responsible for the processing is Ruter AS, attn: Managing Director Bernt Reitan Jenssen.

Postal address: Ruter AS, P.O. Box 1030 Sentrum, N-0104 OSLO
Fax: (+47) 40 00 67 01