Pay-as-you-go credit

If you travel occasionally, it may be best to have a travel card with pay-as-you-go credit. Pay-as-you-go credit works like a punch ticket you use to pay for your journey.

Buy pay-as-you-go credit

You can buy a new travel card with pay-as-you-go credit in kiosks, service points and at our customer service centre Ruter S.

Find your nearest sales outlet

How to use pay-as-you-go credit

On the Metro, trams, buses and ferries in Oslo

  1. Validate your travelcard at a card reader every time you travel.
  2. The price of a single ticket for one zone will be deducted from the card.
  3. The onboard surcharge does not apply.

If you are entitled to a children's or senior's ticket, this information must be added to the travelcard. This is done when you buy the travelcard or at a staffed sales outlet once you have the card.

On buses and ferries in Akershus

  1. Tell the driver how far you will be travelling, how many persons you are paying for and whether you are entitled to a children's or senior's ticket.
  2. The driver will deduct the price of the number of single tickets you are paying for from the credit on the travelcard. The onboard surcharge does not apply.

On Vy's trains

  • Buy your ticket from the ticket machine at the station, and choose pay-as-you-go credit as means of payment. Remember to activate your ticket on the ticket machine before boarding the train.
  • If you pay using pay-as-you-go credit on board the train, you are subject to a onboard surcharge.

Top up your travelcard

You may top up the card with pay-as-you-go credit at Ruter S, service points or at a staffed sales outlet.

You cannot top up your card here at

You may add a maximum of NOK 1000 at a time, and the card may not contain more than NOK 2000 in total. If you have not used your travelcard for more than three years, the remaining amount on the card will be cancelled.

Automatic top-up

If you wish to ensure that you always have credit on the travelcard, you can get automatic top-up.