AUTOPIA Conference 31. august 2022

 From April 2021 until January 2022, Ruter and the AUTOPIA partnership trialed a service of automated vehicle transport in Ski. The vehicles operated along a route between Ski station and the nearby neighborhood of Hebekk, as an integrated part of the local public transport system.

What did we learn from these 10 months of operation?

 At this conference we shared learning and key insights from the AUTOPIA project: Challenges encountered, achievements reached – and what we need to improve in order to make shared, automated vehicles viable as part of a public transport system in the Nordics. You will learn about winter operations, how customers perceived and used the service, interaction between automated vehicles and pedestrians, implementation methodologies and much more.

 We also talked about Ruter's vision for automated mobility, what our roadmap going forward looks like, and how interested parties can take part in our movement to make shared, automated mobility part of everyday life.


Recording from the conference can be viewed here: