How to buy a ticket

Here you can find information on how you buy a ticket or travel card for bus, tram, metro, ferry and train in Oslo and parts of Viken (formerly Akershus).

Remember to buy a ticket before boarding. It's cheaper for you and helps us keep our schedules.

RuterBillett app

Download the RuterBillett app and buy tickets on your mobile. This is the easiest way to buy tickets. You can buy all our tickets with the app, except from the Rufus ticket.

Download RuterBillett

For iPhone or Android:


You may buy travelcards with tickets or pay-as-you-go credit in kiosks, service points and at our customer service centre Ruter S. A new travelcard costs NOK 50. Take good care of your card! It can be reused.

You can top up your card in ticket machines and kiosks, at Ruter S or service points. You cannot top up your card here at

Find your nearest sales outlet

Ticket machines

If you have a travelcard, you can buy all Ruter's tickets (except from the Rufus-ticket and 365-day ticket) and top up your pay-as-you-go credit by using a ticket machine. If you don't have a travelcard, you can buy a single ticket and a 24-hour ticket on the disposable Impuls card at the same ticket machines.

You will find ticket machines at Metro stations, the larger bus and tram interchanges, and in train stations.

Kiosks and Service Points

You can buy all our tickets and obtain a travelcard at the following sales outlets:

  • The kiosks Narvesen, 7-Eleven, Deli De Luca and Mix, as well as some selected shops
  • Our customer service centre Ruter S and Service Points
  • Staffed train stations (365-day ticket not available).

On board

Buses and ferries

If you are unable to buy a ticket before travelling, you may buy single tickets on board buses and ferries. You must pay with cash, and we accept no denominations larger than 200 kroner.

Trams and Metro

It is not possible to buy tickets on trams and metro carriages. You must either buy a ticket beforehand or pay with pay-as-you-go credit on board without a surcharge. It is not possible to activate the ticket on board the metro. This must be done at the station.