Onboard surcharge

Buy your ticket before you get on board and save money. If you buy a single ticket on board a bus or ferry, you have to pay an onboard surcharge.

The aim of the onboard surcharge is to help make our services more punctual. Cash sales of tickets on board take time. So to save time it is important that as many of our customers as possible pay in advance.

Buses and ferries

It costs 20 NOK more to buy a ticket on board in all zones. If you are buying a child or senior ticket, it costs 10 NOK more in zone 1.

You can pay on board using pay-as-you-go credit. In this way you will avoid the onboard surcharge. 

Trams and Metro

It is not possible to buy tickets on board trams and the Metro.

Vy's trains

It also costs you more to buy a ticket on board Vy's trains.