Transferring tickets to a new phone or travelcard

Did you lose your phone or damage the travelcard? Here you will find information on how you transfer your ticket to a new phone or travelcard.

How to transfer to a new mobile phone

You may transfer (restore) valid 7-, 30- and 365-day tickets to a new app.

You can transfer tickets in three ways:

Automatically using iCloud or Google's back-up function

  1. Open the new app.
  2. You will be asked if you want to restore settings and content from your previous app.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. The app is restored and you will find your tickets under «My tickets».

iCloud or Google's back-up function must have been be switched on when you bought the ticket.

Manually using your app

To restore manually you must have your old app's ID and password. If you haven't yet deleted the old version, you will find the app ID under «Settings». If you have deleted it, you will find the app ID on the receipt you got on email for the ticket you have purchased.

  1. Open the new app.
  2. Go to «Menu» then «Settings» and press «Restore previous app».
  3. Enter your old app ID and password and press «Restore».
  4. Enter your password from the previous app and press «OK».
  5. The app is restored. Your ticket will be downloaded and stored under «My tickets».

Help from our Customer Service Centre

Call us on phone 177, and we will help you.

Remember to have your app ID to the old app ready. You can find the app ID for the previous app on the receipts you received by e-mail when buying tickets. Don't have the receipt? We can assist you in finding your app ID. All we need is information on your payment method for buying tickets.

If you are travelling while waiting to have the ticket transferred, you must by a new ticket for the journey.

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Information on ticket refunds

How to transfer to new travel card

Lost or stolen travel card 

Have you lost your travel card and can prove that you are the rightful owner of the travel card that has been lost or stolen? Get help to transfer the content of your travel card to a new travel card at our customer centre or at one of our service points. You have to pay NOK 50 for a new card.

The rightful owner is the person who has either registered the card in his/her name, or who, by way of a receipt with the card number or a bank statement, can prove that he or she is the rightful owner of the travel card.

See how the travelcard works

Damaged or defective travel card

Has your travel card stopped working? We replace defective cards, without visible damage, free of charge. If your card has visible damage you must pay NOK 50 to transfer tickets or pay-as-you-go credit to a new card. Note that the card number must be legible.

You can get help to transfer tickets to a new travel card at our customer centre or a service point.

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Have you lost or forgotten something on board?

Information on ticket refunds


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