Ticket refunds

Have you bought a ticket you are unable to use? Here you can find information on how you can cancel the ticket and obtain a refund.

When you may get a refund

1. When you no longer will be travelling with us

If you for example move from Oslo and parts of Viken (formerly Akershus). 

2. You have unused or inactive tickets

These are refunded for up to one year from the date of purchase. After that, the tickets are invalid and cannot be refunded or activated. We do not refund more than two non-activated monthly tickets or one non-activated annual ticket per customer during one year. In the event of a price change, pre-purchased tickets must be activated within three months of the price change taking effect

Travelcard with pay-as-you-go credit

 Travelcard with pay-as-you-go credit is refunded for up to 3 years after being filled in on the travel card.

How to apply for a refund

Write to us, visit our customer service centre Ruter S or call us. Remember to bring the tickets you want refunded. Please note that single use paper tickets and tickets or pay-as-you-go credit on travelcards can only be refunded by visiting Ruter S.

Write, call or visit us