Ticket inspections

Here you can find information on our fines and what to do if you wish to file a complaint about a ticket inspection or appeal a fine.


All our customers are solely responsible for carrying a valid ticket. Passengers who fail to produce a valid ticket during an inspection will receive a fine. The amount of the fine is determined by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Adults over 18 years

NOK 1470, or NOK 1200 if paid on the spot.

Children and young persons under 18 years

NOK 1200 regardless of method of payment.


NOK 2600, and the ticket will be confiscated.


Do you want to appeal a fine you have been given or provide feedback on a ticket inspection? All complaints about ticket inspections and appeals on fines must be in writing. We do not process complaints in person.

Send appeal

You may also send the complaint or appeal by post. Remember to supply us with:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your email address
  • Information about why you wish to file a complaint or appeal
  • Number on the fine you received (7 or 8 digits)
  • Receipt (if you paid on the spot)

Send the complaint or appeal to:

Ruters kundesenter
Postboks 1030 Sentrum
0104 Oslo


The ticket inspectors carry payment terminals that allow you to pay using a payment card. If you are unable to pay on the spot or wish to pay later, you will receive a paper invoice with payment information. The payment deadline is 14 days.

Did you lose the invoice? Call us at 177 for assistance.

Frequently asked questions

The ticket expires before the journey has finished – what do I do?

You are not required to buy a new ticket as long as the ticket was valid when you boarded. However, if you are transferring to a different line or other means of transport after the ticket has expired, you must buy a new ticket.

The Ruter app is out of order – will I receive a fine?

If there is a fault in our app, ticket inspectors, drivers and ticketing personnel will be notified and you will be permitted to travel. If you are unable to obtain a valid ticket by other means, you will not receive a fine. If the app is out of order due to technical faults for which Ruter is responsible, a message will appear in the app allowing you to travel ticketless during the following 30 minutes. You must show this message to the driver (on buses and trams), ticketing personnel (on ferries) or the ticket inspector.

The ticket is not activated - will I receive a fine?

Yes. In order to be valid, your ticket must be activated using a validator. Otherwise you will receive a fine during a ticket inspection.

Scanning your card every time you travel means that you always have a valid ticket.

The validator is out of order - will I receive a fine?

If you find that a validator is out of order, and it is impossible for you get a valid ticket by other means later during your journey, you will not receive a fine. If the inspector is unable to check the fault there and then, you must give him or her your name, address and date of birth. In such situations, Ruter will check the status of its equipment at the time you travelled. If we find that the validator was in fact working at the time in question, you will receive a fine in the post.

I forgot my travelcard or mobile - will I receive a fine?

Yes. You must always carry your ticket when you travel. If not, you will risk receiving a fine during a ticket inspection.

Ruter's tickets, both on mobile and travelcard, are non-passenger-specific. For this reason it is not possible for you to prove whether you have forgotten your card at home, or whether it is being used by someone else.

Registered travelcard - will I be fined even if my travelcard is registered?

Yes. You will receive a fine during a ticket inspection if your ticket has not been activated for a new period, even if your travelcard is registered. This also applies if you have forgotten your card at home. Even if you have registered your card, the ticket remains anonymous and can be used by others.

Payment - can I delay payment?

Yes. Call our Customer Service Centre on phone 177, and press 1. You can also use our contact form:

Will I be fined if I forget the document providing proof og my entitlement to a discount?

If, during a ticket inspection, you are found travelling on a student, seniors or youth ticket without a document providing proof of your entitlement to a discount, you will receive a fine.

We will waive the fine if you, within 14 days, show up at our Customer Service Centre at Jernbanetorget with valid proof of your entitlement to the discount at the time of the inspection.