Ticket inspections

Customer showing valid ticket on during av ticket inspection

All our customers are solely responsible for carrying a valid ticket. Passengers who fail to produce a valid ticket during an inspection will receive a fine. The amount of the fine is determined by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications.


Persons who are unable to produce a valid ticket will be subject to a fine, currently set at NOK 1150, or NOK 950 if paid on the spot. For children and young persons under 18 the fine is NOK 950 regardless of method of payment. In the event of misuse or forgery of a ticket, an increased fine, currently NOK 2000, must be paid and the ticket will be confiscated.


If you wish to appeal against a fine, you must do so in writing, either by completing this customer contact form (only in Norwegian), or by post to "Ruter's Customer Service Centre, P.O.Box 1030 Sentrum, 0104 OSLO". Appeals will not be dealt with face to face.

Mobile tickets. Remember that

Mobile tickets must be activated before you get on board. The screen must be legible and you must have sufficient battery capacity for the duration of your journey. If you have purchased a mobile ticket for others, your companions must have access to your phone during a ticket inspection. Reas more about mobile tickets.

When you show your active ticket during a ticket inspection, the inspector will ask you to tap the two fields “Control code” and “Today’s picture”. Both of these fields contain information enabling the inspector to check that you have a valid ticket. 

Travelcards. Remember that

A new period ticket cannot be activated until the old one has expired. So pay attention to the expiry time and date displayed on the validator display. If you scan your travelcard every time you travel, you will always be sure that you have a valid ticket.

All tickets are anonymised and can be borrowed by others when you aren't using them. This is why you cannot produce a valid ticket after an inspection, since it is possible that another person may have been using it at the time when the inspection took place. Read more about travelcards.

NSB and other companies

If you wish to appeal to NSB, please use this form: kontrollgebyrskjema på nsb.no (in Norwegian).

If you want to complain about ticket control outside the area covered by Ruter and NSB, you have to contact the company with which you travelled. You will find contact information on the ticket control fee.