Terms and conditions for use of the Ruter app

Here you will find the terms and conditions for our new travel service – the Ruter app.

When you download and activate the app, you enter into an agreement with Ruter As and accept the terms and conditions on this page. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with your obligations in order to avoid fines during ticket inspections. Ruter's conditions of travel apply to the use of all our services.


The Ruter app allows you to plan your journey with us, buy tickets and use associated services.

The app allows you to:

  • Plan your journey
  • Buy a ticket
  • Save favourite places
  • Save purchase history

Ruter may store data that cannot be linked to you about how you use the app, so we can find errors, track usage statistics and further develop the service.

Read more about this in the Ruter app privacy statement:

If you choose to create a profile, you can read more about the terms for this here:

Terms of use for the app

Valid mobile tickets from Ruter can only be purchased in the official Ruter app as well as in the official apps RuterBillett, Vy, Brakar and Entur. The following conditions also apply:

  • You may not change or manipulate fixed content on the application.
  • Any attempt to recreate the original source code for the software (known as reverse engineering) is strictly prohibited.
  • Ruter's tickets and/or data made available by Ruter shall not be copied, transferred, traded and/or distributed in any way.


When buying tickets, you must:

  • Have sufficient network coverage during the purchasing process to be able to complete the purchase.
  • Have mobile data turned on during a ticket inspection, so you can display today's picture and control code to the ticket inspector.
  • Have enough money on your prepaid card so today's picture and control code can be downloaded.

You must have a valid ticket for the journey before boarding or before entering the control zone at Metro stations. You can board, or enter a control zone, when the ticket is valid. Read more about this in our travel conditions.

Your mobile phone, tablet or similar device must also:

  • Work normally with a readable screen.
  • Have enough battery for as long as your trip lasts so you can show a valid ticket.

If you cannot show your ticket, this is considered travelling without a valid ticket. If you buy a ticket for others on your phone, you must travel together so you can show a valid ticket for everyone.

Breach of contract

If the terms and conditions for the use of the Ruter app are not complied with, Ruter may block the app for further use. In that event Ruter will reimburse any outstanding payments you have made

If you violate the terms and conditions for using the app, or misuse the service in any other way, you are also responsible for any economic loss incurred by Ruter in relation to this misuse.