Electronic ticketing and handling of personal information

Information can be found here on how Ruter handles your personal information when you travel with tickets on a travel card or using the RuterBillett app.

What types of information does Ruter process?

What is meant by personal information is data and assessments that can be connected to you as an individual person. At Ruter, if we store customer information and travel information, then such is stored in separate databases. Ruter does not disclose personal information if we are not ordered to do so by a governmental authority.

Customer information comprises contact data such as name and address as well as a card number.

Travel information is for example the specific zone and stop at which you started the journey, the point in time your travel card was read, the specific type of ticket you have used and the number of your travel card. Information from its last 8 readings are stored on the travel card.

Voluntary registration

You do not need to register in order to use electronic tickets. This applies regardless of whether you are using the travel card or the RuterBillett app. You can choose to register in order to have better follow-ups on your customer relationship and make use of supplemental services.

The primary purpose of registration and Ruter's handling of personal information is to be able to give you the best possible follow-up on the customer relationship, and to offer the following supplemental services:

  • If you lose your travel card/telephone or if it is stolen, customer service can use your registered data to transfer the remaining value over to a new card/telephone. Alternatively, customer service can refund the remaining value, although in such cases a service fee will be charged. With RuterBillett you do not need to be registered in order for customer service to be able to help you with this, however you will need to give your app ID and order ID.
  • You can choose to receive updated and current information from Ruter.
  • You can subscribe to 30-day tickets (automatic renewal) and pay-as-you-go credit (automatic top-up).

Ruter uses your personal information in order to provide you with customer service, handle payments and conduct invoice administration. Ruter handles your personal information in line with the requirements in the Industry Norm ("Industry norm for personal data protection and information security with electronic ticketing") and the Personal Data Act.

If you contact Ruter

Ruter stores customer information and a description of your inquiry for up to 6 months in order to be able to follow up on the contractual relationship and you as a customer. Subsequently, your inquiry is anonymised.

Access and use

Access to travel information is restricted. Ruter may use a relevant excerpt of travel information together with customer information if such has been initiated by the user of the travel card. Ruter will not use the information in this manner in order to produce statistics or in settling accounts with a co-operating company.

Ruter will also offer to give you personalised information and special offers if you have consented to such in advance. You will also receive information on how you can simply say no to receiving such information in future.

Storage and deletion

Travel information will be stored for up to 104 days. The customer information will be deleted if you withdraw your consent to its storage. See further details concerning storage and deletion in the Industry Norm. Information that is necessary for invoicing purposes must be stored by Ruter for 5 years pursuant to the statutes on accounting. Access to the information will then be restricted further.

If you withdraw your consent, then Ruter will delete your customer information. You can continue to travel with the travel card. If you, in contrast, are subscribing to a period ticket, then you must return the card back to Ruter in order for us to be able to delete the information about you. As long as the travel card is in use, the entity responsible for the processing may store customer information about you

Processing and inspection

Ruter is the entity responsible for processing of the personal information. If you purchase services/trips from other co-operating companies, such as NSB, then this company becomes the entity responsible for processing for the travel information concerned. You possess the right to inspect and correct information that is stored about you.

More information

We encourage you to read more about Ruter and the use of our tickets.

Ruter reserves the right to make changes, including to prices and terms and conditions.

See the overview of Personal data protection and Ruter's services.