Reis – discounted single tickets on the travelcard

With Reis, you get a discount on single tickets based on how often you travel. To get the discount, you have to activate Reis on your travelcard at one of Ruter’s sales outlets.

What is Reis?

With Reis, you accumulate a discount based on the number of single tickets you purchase with your travelcard within a 30-day period.

Each time you travel, simply validate your travel card and purchase a ticket as usual. If you have activated Reis, you will receive a discount that increases with every fifth ticket you buy.

How to get Reis on your travelcard

  • You must activate Reis on your travelcard.
    • You can use your current travelcard or purchase a new one.
    • You can activate Reis at Ruter's customer service center Ruter S or any of our regular sales outlets, except Narvesen.
    • You can’t activate Reis over the phone or through the website.
  • You must have pay-as-you-go credit on your travelcard, which you can top up at the same place where you activate Reis.
  • You need to choose whether you are travelling as an adult or a senior.
    • The discount is not available on travelcard for children, youths or students.
  • You also need to select which zones the Reis discount will apply to.

How the discount works

The first time you validate your travelcard, you buy your first single ticket, and the amount is deducted from your pay-as-you-go credit. This also starts a 30-day period during which the discount increases with every fifth ticket you purchase.

  • For the first four single tickets, you pay the full price.
  • For the fifth purchase, you receive your first discounted ticket.
  • The size of your discount depends on how often you travel within the 30-day period.
  • The maximum discount is 40 percent off the price of a regular single ticket, which is achieved after a certain number of trips.
  • After 30 days, the discount is reset, and a new 30-day discount period starts automatically on your travelcard.

If you have 40 or more journeys within a 30-day period, you will receive the maximum 40 % discount.

Practical information about Reis on travelcard

Tickets with Reis discount are regular single tickets

The tickets you purchase with Reis have the same characteristics as regular single tickets. This means that a ticket for one zone is valid for 60 minutes after activation. The time increases by 30 minutes for each additional zone you have chosen for your Reis tickets.

Read more about our tickets.

Reis or 30-day ticket

If you travel 30 times or more within a 30-day period – for example, if you commute to and from work four days a week – a 30-day ticket is more cost-effective. If you're unsure about your future travel needs, Reis can be a good alternative.

Changing zones and tickets for extra zones

You can change zones for Reis on your travelcard at Ruter S, our customer service center at Jernbanetorget. You will unfortunately lose any discount you may have when changing zones on your travelcard.

If you only need to travel outside your chosen zones once, you can add other tickets to your travelcard. You don’t get a discount on supplementary or other tickets.

Adjusting the discount as we go

Reis is a pilot project funded by the City of Oslo and Akershus county municipality. The goal is for Ruter to provide an average discount of 10 % on all single tickets sold. In order to achieve that goal, we reserve the right to adjust the discount model along the way.

You can always stay updated on the current discounts and prices for Reis on travelcard here.