Conditions for using the RuterBillett app

Here is an overview of terms and conditions for use of the RuterBillett app. See what you are responsible for, so you avoid being fined in a ticket inspection.

This is your responsibility

  • You have enough network coverage during the purchasing process to be able to complete the purchase.
  • In the event of an inspection, data traffic must be activated so that today's picture and control code can be displayed. If you use a phone card, make sure that you have enough cash in your card to cover downloading today's picture and control code.
  • You have a valid ticket for your journey before you board or enter a control zone at a Metro station. Tickets purchased for immediate use are valid for boarding as soon as they are confirmed. You can get on board or enter a control zone at a Metro station when the ticket has the status "Confirmed - boarding permitted". Read more in our conditions of travel.
  • Your mobile phone/tablet is working normally, the screen is legible and you have enough battery to enable you to show a valid ticket at any time during your journey.
  • If you cannot show a ticket, it will be assumed that you are travelling without a valid ticket.
  • If you buy tickets for others using your phone, you must travel together, so that you can present valid tickets for everyone. This does not apply if you buy tickets for others that are retrieved on the recipient's mobile phone.
  • The copying and/or transfer of digital tickets is not allowed other that through the functionality supported by the at any time applicable Ruter Billett app,
  • It is not permitted to resell Ruter's tickets or to transfer an acquired ticket more than two times.
  • Any attempt to recreate the original source code of the programs (known as reverse engineering) is strictly prohibited.

Please note: These terms are a translation of the original Norwegian terms. In case of conflict or inconsistency with the Norwegian version of the terms, the Norwegian language version shall prevail.