The RuterBillett app and privacy

Privacy, access and statistics when using the RuterBillett app.

When using the RuterBillett app, you can travel anonymously with Ruter. This applies even if you register payment details for subsequent use. This is because it is the payment Processor, not Ruter, who store your credit card/account details.

The Personal Data Act at


Ruter processes personal data in order to provide you with more personal and better follow-up of your customer relationship and to provide supplementary services. If you for example don't have access to your mobile phone and want the ticket transferred to another phone.

What we process

We process the following information about you:

  • Customer data: Mobile phone number.
  • Sales information: Information from the sale of a ticket or topping up/use of pay-as-you-go credit such as time of purchase, amount, ticket type and which zone the ticket is valid for.

We only process your information if you have given your consent for this, or to comply with a subscription agreement with you. You may withdraw this consent at any time, or terminate the agreement.

Access and use

Access to data concerning you is limited. You have the right to access and correct data, to transfer data and to delete information that is stored about you.

Read more about you rights under Privacy in Ruter's services

We will not disclose your data to third parties unless ordered to do so by public authorities.

In order for RuterBillett to work optimally, the app needs access to certain accesses on your phone. You may choose to turn off these accesses on your phone to, but certain features on our app may then either not be available or not function optimally. You turn off access in the settings on your phone. You can find information on what the app needs access to in the app store you download the app from:

Storage and deletion

Your data is saved and deleted according to the following:

  • Your customer data will be stored for as long as you have consented to storage.
  • If you withdraw your consent, we will delete your customer information within 14 days.
  • Sales information is stored for up to 365 days after the ticket has expired or alternatively 365 days after the complainant has forwarded a written claim to Ruter concerning an issue with their trip. This is in order to process the customer's right of appeal to the Transport Appeals Board.

See the regulations relating to the transport complaints board section 5-2


We want to improve the app, and use Google Analytics in RuterBillett to collect information on usage. This information is sent anonymously to us, and cannot be linked to you as the user. If you however do not want to share your usage information, you can turn off this feature under "Settings" in the app.