RuterBillett app

How to use the app

  • Select the right ticket, and follow the steps for payment in the app
  • You may board when the countdown has started, and the ticket's status is "Valid".

Conditions for the use of RuterBillett


You may pay in the following ways:

Please note: Stricter rules for identity verification means that you more often will have to confirm your payments with 3-D Secure / BankID. The most common way to do this is via Bank ID, either via code and password or Bank ID on mobile. We recommend having this available when you add a new card and when you buy a ticket.

Register your phone number 

You can store your phone number in the app to easily retrieve your tickets should you get a new device.

  • Go to «Settings» and «Personal information».
  • Select «Phone number», press «Add» and enter your number.
  • A code will be sent via sms. Enter the code and press «Add». Your phone number is now stored.

Countdown, boarding and validity

Always buy a ticket before boarding or entering the control zone in Metro stations. You may board or enter the control zone when the ticket displays the status "Valid" and the countdown has started.

You may change to other means of transport for the duration of the countdown.

Replaced mobile phone or deleted app

Frequently asked questions

App-ID – where do I find it?

How to find your app ID

  1. Open the menu in the app
  2. Go to "Settings"
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  4. There you will find an ID comprising ten digits or letters (xxxx-xxxx-xx)

Did you lose your phone or delete the app? You can find the app ID for the previous app on the receipts you received by e-mail when buying tickets. Don't have the receipt? Contact our customer centre on phone no. 177, and we'll assist you in finding your app ID. All we need is information on your payment method for buying tickets.

When do you need the app ID?

  • When transferring 7, 30 or 365 day tickets to a new app or mobile phone.
  • When you contact us in the event of errors, so that we can assist you.

Note that the app ID is unique to your phone. Never post the app ID on Facebook or Twitter where others may gain access to it. Get in touch on phone 177 or the contact form if you are required to provide your app ID.

Several phones – can I have the same ticket on more than one phone?

No. It isn't possible to have the same ticket on several devices.

Lost my phone - what to do?

If you have stored your bank card number, call Ruter on 177. We will remove the payment reference and prevent any new tickets from being purchased using your phone.

Notifications - I have an Android phone, but I don't receive notifications

Some newer Android devices come with a standard battery saver setting. The battery saver can cause notifications to be disabled.

How you configure these settings depends on what kind of device you have. We reccommend that you read through the general notification settings on your phone, or the notification settings within the RuterBillett-app.