Terms and conditions for VOI in the Ruter app

Here you will find terms and conditions for rides with VOI e-scooters in the Ruter app – Ruter's new travel service.


In this Agreement, the words and terms below shall be understood as follows:

Prohibition Zones means the areas defined and designated in the Ruter App where the Vehicles cannot be deactivated. As You cannot reactivate a vehicle once it has been deactivated in such an area, you should avoid such an area as far as possible as non-compliance may result in additional costs.

Operational Zone means the areas defined and designated in the Ruter app where the vehicles can be activated, used, temporarily parked and deactivated.

Privacy Policy means the privacy policy on Ruter's processing of personal data.

See the privacy policy for e-scooters in the Ruter app

Vehicles means VOI's electric vehicles, such as e-scooters or e-bikes.

Contact Information means first name, last name, email address, mobile number, and valid payment information.

The terms and conditions of VOI apply in addition to these terms and conditions. To rent a VOI vehicle in the Ruter app, you must first create a Ruter profile. It is only when the registration process, which requires you to enter contact information and also accept the terms of the agreement, that a user agreement for riding an e-scooter and e-bike between you as a customer and Ruter has been entered into.

The profile you have created in the Ruter app only relates to Ruter's own app. The profile is not valid for use in VOI's app, nor can it be transferred. Rides made in the Ruter app can be managed by VOI's customer service (for example, terminated in case of technical errors). VOI does not have access to customer information beyond necessary in situations where Ruter gives specific access to it.


With the Ruter app, you can use VOI's offer in Oslo. This entails that you can find an e-scooter or e-bike, start a ride, pause the ride, end the ride and pay for the rent.

For the processing of personal data, see Privacy policy for the use of e-scooters in the Ruter app

Terms for the use of the app

Ruter's terms and conditions for travel apply to the agreement between you and Ruter as far as they are suitable. In addition, the following conditions apply, among other things:

  • It is not permitted to modify or manipulate fixed content on the application.
  • Any attempt to recreate the original source code of software (known as reverse engineering) is strictly prohibited.
  • Ruter's tickets and/or data made available by Ruter shall not be copied, transferred, traded and/or distributed in any way.

Terms and conditions for use of the Ruter app

Payment for e-scooters and e-bikes

If you want to rent an e-scooter or e-bike in the Ruter app, you must:

  • Have an approved payment method linked to the profile (debit/credit card).
  • Have sufficient funds during the purchase process so that you can reserve the amount we charge for the ride.
  • Pay the rent.

The rent consists of an amount payable to unlock VOI's vehicle, and an amount payable for each minute, or part of the minute, that VOI's vehicles are in use. Prior to entering into the rental contract, Ruter's App will show the amount to unlock VOI's vehicle, and the amount accrued per minute. The amounts include statutory VAT.

Ruter will reserve an amount directly from your debit card/credit card in connection with your use of the vehicle. The rent is due for payment when the ride ends. The total price of the ride is then calculated, and the reserved amount is adjusted accordingly. If the full reserved amount is not used during your next ride, the reserved amount will be released after the ride. You understand that the release of the revered amount may take a few business days due to the processing of the amount by banks and/or other third parties. At the start of the ride, the Ruter app will reserve an amount up to NOK 200.

If use of VOI's vehicles in accordance with the rental agreement is not possible, even if VOI's vehicles are marked as available in the Ruter app, you will not be charged for the rent. Payment for use of VOI's vehicles will be handled in accordance with the payment option (card payment) you have chosen in the registration of the Ruter profile. By concluding a rental agreement, you confirm that you have the right to authorize the transfer of the specified account by direct debit.

If you do not have sufficient funds beyond the reserved amount at the end of the ride, the reserved amount will be released after the ride and the full total amount of the ride will be marked as unpaid. The amount unpaid must be settled before you can ride an e-scooter in the Ruter app again. You also cannot delete the user profile in the Ruter app until outstanding amounts have been paid.

Reservation and conclusion of rental agreement

Use of VOI's vehicles is only possible if it is marked in the Ruter app as free. It cannot be excluded that an inaccurate GPS signal may in individual cases be the cause of a discrepancy between the actual location of the VOI vehicle and the location shown in the App.

Ruter and VOI can call you on the mobile phone number stored in the user account if there are significant operational disruptions related to your use of a vehicle.

Ending rental agreements

You are responsible for parking and deactivating the vehicle once you have completed your ride. The vehicle must be parked and deactivated in legal/permitted areas, i.e., the vehicle cannot be parked or deactivated in any prohibition zone, on private property, in a locked area/non-public space or in conflict with local traffic rules and/or other legal regulations. You are responsible for deactivating and parking a vehicle in an operational zone. You may not in any way lock or hide the vehicle unless the vehicle is activated. If you do not deactivate or park a vehicle in an operational zone and within the maximum rental period specified above, you may be liable for a lost or stolen vehicle.

You must then follow the procedure described in the Ruter app to end the ride.

Customers must find information about zones for parking, the boundaries of the business area, and the zones where parking is prohibited in the Ruter app. You must take a picture of the e-scooter you used when parking at the end of your ride. The photo should clearly show that you have parked the vehicle in accordance with the description for ending rides. The image should clearly show the entire vehicle and should not be blurry or otherwise unclear. We reserve the right to store this photo for the purpose of ensuring that you have parked in accordance with the description for ending rides.

Read more about photos when parking in the Privacy Policy for the use of e-scooters.

When the rental period has ended, the total rental period and the total cost incurred will be shown to you. You will then be able to read the receipt for the rental period and the cost through your profile page in Ruter's app. You can also send the receipt to yourself through the interface.

Customer's liability

You are liable for damage or loss caused by negligent or grossly negligent use of the vehicles and/or violation of Norwegian law

VOI's liability

VOI is liable for damage or loss caused by the use of the vehicles and has liability insurance for this liability. VOI is not liable for damage caused by the user's negligence or gross negligence in the use of the vehicles, or violation of Norwegian law. VOI may, via its insurance company, seek refund from the user for any damage caused by the user's negligence or violation of legislation.

If the damage is due to the vehicle's design or design, VOI will, through its insurance company, cover damage to users or third parties, and seek refund from the manufacturer of the vehicles.

Procedures to be followed in case of accidents

You must report any accident, crash, injury, personal injury, stolen or lost vehicle or other similar incidents to VOI as soon as possible.

Contact VOI


Send an e-mail to support@voiapp.io


+46 21 665 59 22


VOI Technology Norway AS
Professor Birkelands vei 36D
1081 OSLO

In the event of an accident, VOI would appreciate if you could try to gather evidence, if possible, such as by taking photos or by identifying possible witnesses, in accordance with applicable law (including but not limited to data protection laws). If an incident involves third party personal injury, property damage or other damage to third parties, you should report the incident to the local police station as soon as possible. This also applies if the vehicle is stolen while activated by you. Upon request by VOI and in accordance with applicable local law, you shall provide VOI with all documents of the local police and cooperate with VOI and/or VOI's insurance company.


VOI has a third-party liability and has general insurance for all users who use our vehicles. The cost of the insurance is automatically included in the price of use, and there is no alternative without insurance. VOI's insurance coverage is subject to the terms and limitations set forth in the relevant insurance.

Read more about insurance at voiscooters.com

Breach of contract

If the terms of use for the Ruter app are not complied with, Ruter may block the app from further use and terminate the agreement with you. Ruter will refund any outstanding legitimate claims. If you use the app in violation of Ruter's terms and conditions, or other misuse of the app, you are liable for financial loss incurred by Ruter in this relation.

In addition, VOI's terms and conditions for the use of the vehicles apply, cf. VOI's terms and conditions chapter 1. "We reserve the right at any time to deactivate or suspend Your account and, if applicable, Your Voi Pass, or Restrict Your use of the Services where We, in Our judgment, believe that You have breached the terms of this Section 1, or Your use materially deviates from a normal pattern of use. In case of repeated breaches of the provisions on responsible use of the Service (see clause 1.6), Voi reserves the right to notify You and block Your account or to restrict Your use of the Services with immediate effect. You acknowledge that You are responsible for Your driving and that You can only claim compensation from Us for damages caused to Your Vehicle, not caused by Your driving."

Termination of agreement

The agreement for driving e-scooters can be terminated from the profile page in the app. It takes 14 days for the agreement to be terminated. In order to ride an e-scooter again, a new agreement must be entered into.

Ruter can terminate the agreement with 14 days' notice.

Ruter will refund any outstanding legitimate claims.

Last updated: 04.05.2023