Privacy policy for the use of e-scooters

Processing of personal data when you rent an e-scooter in the Ruter app.

To access an e-scooter in the Ruter app, you must consent to and create a Ruter profile. Anonymous users of the service will not have access to e-scooters but will have access to basic functions in the Ruter app such as travel search and ticket purchase. Registering payment information is not sufficient to gain access. The reason is that it is the payment services, not Ruter, that store your bank card and/or account details.


Ruter processes personal data for the purpose of checking whether you already have a profile when you log in, and to offer e-scooters and e-bikes, which are integrated into the Ruter app. The latter includes processing the data necessary to unlock, use and end an e-scooter or e-bike ride, giving you the opportunity to pay for the ride, collecting outstanding claims, to claim compensation in the event of vandalism/loss of vehicle, providing you with help and clarifications if you have questions about the rides you have with the service provider in the Ruter app such as the customer relationship etc.,  and provide you with assistance if you have paid too much (refund) or in cases where the travel guarantee applies.

You may choose to provide feedback on the user interface, functionality, and services in its entirety within the App. The feedback is sent from the client to customer service with profile information and rental reference. In this way, rides and feedback can be linked to user profile for good customer service and response to feedback in cases where necessary.

What we process

We process information about you in the following situations:

  • Profile info (first/last name, phone number, email): When you register or log in to the app, we need to check if your user profile already exists. We use your phone number for this. Before we give you access to e-scooters and e-bikes in the Ruter app, we need to use a phone number to look up in the profile database to find a user ID. In customer service, we use profile information to link the rental to you, provide you with necessary follow-up and in the event of breach of contract. Basically, we do not share profile info with the service provider, see exceptions below,
  • Sales data (External reference/ticket number): Information from the sale of a ride or periodic access to an e-scooter, such as time of purchase, from region to region (not exact location), amount and ticket type.
  • Your location:
    • Distance to e-scooter is used to give you information about how far away you are from a specific e-scooter.
    • Ruter processes personal data such as GPS location to respond to your requests in the app about travel searches. For e-scooters, this will mean short-term processing of GPS position to show the way you have to walk to get to the vehicle.
    • We also check the distance to the e-scooter to determine if you are more than 400 meters away. 400 meters is the maximum distance to vehicles if you are going to be able to start a ride. These calculations are only made on your mobile device and are not stored in Ruter's back-end systems.
    • During the trip, GPS location is used from your mobile device so you can see where you are on the map. This way you can see if you are in a "slow zone", "no parking zone" or similar.
    • This display is temporary and only for you on your smartphone and is not processed or stored in Ruter's back-end systems.
    • When you press pause (not all providers have this functionality) during an e-scooter or e-bike ride in the Ruter app, the location of your scooter or bike and position will split. In this case, your phone will retrieve the vehicle's location to store this temporarily. Your location will still only be found on your own smartphone so that you can return to the vehicle's position where you parked it. The position of the scooter is only stored once, so if it is moved, the position may differ from what you see in the map.
    • When a Tier e-scooter is to be parked within a small, marked zone, it requires a lot of technology for this to be done accurately. Your phone's GPS is more accurate than your vehicle's GPS. Ruter collects the precise location from your smartphone when you end your ride and sends it to the service provider to increase the accuracy and thus the likelihood that you are within the parking or business area and thus ensure that the parking experience is as good as possible. Logic is used that defines the distance between the phone and the vehicle's GPS as part of this process. Ruter temporarily processes data related to your location. The data is available one hour after the rental of your e-scooter is terminated before it is deleted. The data is available during this time period to avoid data loss due to system downtime. The service provider will not be able to link this data to you as a customer and will only store the data for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose. Then they are promptly deleted.
    • In order to analyse our customers' travel patterns, Ruter does not permanently store your precise location, but temporarily processes data for two different purposes:
      • 1) Ruter create a geographical grid. General district is a smaller geographical unit used to work with and present regional statistics. Oslo is divided into 589 general districts. The general districts are used to divide the service provider's business areas into such geographic units. In this way, Ruter can get an overview of where rides go from and to (general district to general district), without compromising your privacy. In Asker and Bærum, the offer is based on parking zones and not free float as in Oslo, which reduces traceability associated with specific movement patterns. Here, parking zones will be included in the grid solution together with general districts. This increases the accuracy of the data in areas where p-zones are available.
      • 2) To be able to analyze the exact position of start and stop of all e-scooter and e-bike rides. When saving the start and stop positions, the link between the exact position and user/rental is broken. In this way, Ruter can see with great accuracy where the rides start or end but cannot see who is renting or what route the rides are taking.
        Your location is available in Ruter's logs for one hour after your rental is terminated before they are deleted. The data is available during this time period to avoid data loss due to system downtime. (applies to points 1 and 2).
  • In order to drive an e-scooter or e-bike, you must accept Ruter's terms and conditions. Upon entering into such an agreement, the terms and conditions will be linked to profile data (first/last name, e-mail and telephone number).
  • Profile information is only disclosed at the specific request of the service provider where the terms have been breached or in situations Ruter considers it necessary to transfer the case to the service provider. Ruter and operator can contact you on your mobile phone number or e-mail stored in your user account in case of compensation cases or in case of accidents/complaints where you claim compensation. The same applies to cases where there are significant operational disruptions related to your use of a vehicle.
  • When you take a parking photo of your e-scooter or e-bike at the end of the rental. In this way, both you and Ruter can show that the parking of the vehicle has been done in accordance with the regulations. You are responsible for ensuring that the e-scooter is centered in the middle of the image using the frame in the photo service and that the picture is of the e-scooter and not of yourself or other people. The images are used as evidence in cases where the municipality has fined the service provider for improper parking. In this context, Ruter needs to store the images temporarily (4 months). In cases where the image is used for evidence in the case, Ruter reserves the right to share the images with third parties and will only store the data for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose. Thereafter, the images are promptly deleted. In cases where the image is used in a specific case and linked to your profile, people included in the picture will be made unrecognizable by redaction.
  • When you want to contact customer service of the service provider (under active ride) due to a defective e-scooter or e-bike. Ruter helps you fill in the email with your name, email and references so that the service provider can find your ride in their systems and contact you (if necessary) to resolve the issue. You will be able to see for yourself what personal information is filled in before you send the email.

Legal basis

We process your information where it is necessary to fulfil the agreement with you.

Access and use and your rights

Access to information about you is restricted. You have the right to access and rectify, data portability and deletion of information stored about you. Ruter receives assistance from data processors such as the service provider who ensures that Ruter can offer e-scooters to customers. In addition, Ruter uses data processors who assist in the analysis, design and development of digital products, to collect and process data about you and how you travel. All data processors will process personal data to fulfil the purposes as stated above. Personal data or personal information will not be used for purposes other than the purposes stated above.

Read more about your rights under Privacy in Ruter's services

We will not disclose your personal data to a third party as long as we are not required to do so by public authorities.

Ruter's cloud solutions

Ruter uses AWS cloud services for storage and access of personal data related to the services you use. Although Ruter uses an American supplier, Ruter has, where possible, chosen to use services that are approved according to the EU's CISPE code of conduct. By using CISPE approved solutions in the EEA, the supplier undertakes not to transfer personal data out of the EEA.

For services that are not CISPE-approved and where processing in the USA cannot be excluded in some cases, Ruter has taken a number of contractual, organizational and technical measures, such as information isolation and encryption, to prevent the supplier from having access to the information. If you have a secret address and/or secret phone number, we recommend that you use Ruter's anonymous service alternatives for safety. For such services, Ruter requires the recipient to commit to comply with data protection regulations and we use the EU Commission's revised Standard Contractual Clauses.

The United States does not currently have laws or agreements with the European Union that ensure an adequate level of data protection as set out in the GDPR and the contractual arrangements mentioned above compensate for this to some extent.

As part of our continuous work with information security, Ruter is always working on improvements to its services. You have the right to lodge a complaint about what you believe to be improper processing of personal data to the Data Protection Authority, but feel free to contact us first via our Data Protection Officer.

Send e-mail to

Storage and deletion

Your data will be stored and deleted in accordance with the following:

Sales information (related to your use of the service) is stored for up to 410 days after the ticket has expired, or alternatively 410 days after you as the complainant have submitted a written complaint to Ruter about circumstance related to your ride. This is to be able to handle your right of appeal to the Transport Complaints Board.

Customer information about you is stored as long as you are a customer with us.

For accounting purposes, sales data is stored for up to 5 years.

In order to ensure good quality when you park Tier e-bikes and e-scooters, Ruter will temporarily process data related to your location. The data is available in Ruter's logs for 7 days before it is deleted.

GPS data (converted to grid) associated with your ride with e-bikes and e-scooters will be stored for one hour after the rental of your e-scooters is terminated. After this, they will be anonymized and used in general analyses.

See section 5-2 of the regulations relating to the Transport Appeals Board (in Norwegian)

Access on your phone

For the Ruter app to work optimally, the app must have access to certain features on your phone. You can choose to turn off these accesses, but some functions will then either not be available or not work optimally. You turn off permissions in the settings on your phone.

In order for you to use e-scooter services in the Ruter app, location services for your smartphone must be turned on. This is necessary to be able to find, start and end rides as well as give you a good user experience during the e-scooter ride.

Access for iPhone


Used to find your location, so you can see e-scooters nearby, see in the map where you are and where you are riding, get search results sorted by where you are and find trips to or from where you are.


Used to send notifications of deviations and before expiry of tickets and payment cards. If notifications are turned off, you can still buy a ticket and see deviations in the app.


Used to enter card details when buying a ticket if you do not want to enter the card details manually and to read QR code to start an e-scooter ride.

Mobile data

Used to communicate with Ruter and the Service Provider when renting and paying for an e-scooter. If mobile data is switched off, you must have access to wireless internet (Wi-Fi) to rent and pay for an e-scooter. If you want to turn off accesses, do this under Ruter from the settings on your phone.

Access for Android

Access precise location (GPS and network-based)

Used to find your location, so you can see e-scooters nearby, see in the map where you are and where you are riding, get search results sorted by where you are and find rides to or from where you are.

Receive data from the Internet

Used to communicate with Ruter and the Service Provider when renting and paying for an e-scooter. If mobile data is switched off, you must have access to wireless internet (Wi-Fi) to rent and pay for an e-scooter.

Get full network access

Used to receive error messages and information from Ruter's ticket and payment system.


Used to enter card details when buying a ticket if you do not want to enter the card details manually and to read QR code to start an e-scooter ride.

Prevent your phone from going into sleep mode

Used to secure communication between the phone and Ruter's back-end systems.


We want to make the Ruter app better and use the analysis tool Amplitude to collect anonymous information about the use of the service. The usage information is sent anonymized to us, and cannot be linked to you as a user regardless of whether you have registered a profile or not. IP addresses and other identifying information are not logged.

Request access to or deletion of information

If you want access to or delete the information stored about you, you must request this in writing, either by post or via the contact form.

Last updated: 04.05.2023