RuterProfil Privacy Statement

What is RuterProfil?

RuterProfil is a personal profile you can use to log in to the Ruter app or to This allows you to log in and access your profile across devices (mobiles, tablets, web etc.), and ensures that you do not lose your ticket or other personal settings if you are unlucky and lose your device.

When you create a profile, you get access to several additional services, which you can read more about below.

More about RuterProfil

Why does Ruter process my personal data?

If you register a profile, Ruter processes your personal data and is the data controller for this processing. The purpose is to provide you with a more personalised additional service and better follow-up of your customer relationship. In this connection, we will also store your inquiry if you contact us with questions about your profile. If you have a secret address and/or secret phone number, we recommend that you use Ruter's anonymous service alternatives.

When you create a profile, you get access to additional services so you can:

  • get access to your ticket, regardless of which device you are using when you are logged into the Ruter app.
  • save your purchase history so you can easily access it regardless of which device you use.
  • save your preferred ticket type.
  • store your favorite places, favorite stops and travel searches so you can access your planned trip regardless of which device you use.
  • receive updates on travel information and deviations related to your planned trip.
  • share saved travel searches with others to more easily plan a joint trip or a trip for others, such as your own family.

If you use a travel card (Reisekort), you can register your travel card in your profile. This will give you the opportunity to:

  • use your registered information to transfer the value to a new travel card, if your card is lost or stolen.
  • get automatic renewal of your 30-day ticket or automatic travel money recharge. You will have to enter into a separate agreement with Ruter about this.

When we provide you with additional personal services, we will use your contact information to notify you of circumstances affecting your customer relationship with Ruter, including but not limited to updating the terms and conditions, privacy policy or similar, system failure or errors in our services, significant and permanent changes in our offer to you as a customer, or other critical information that affects your customer relationship.

We use information about your purchases and travel searches etc. to create statistics about the use of the app, however; without linking these statistics to you.

What is the age limit for RuterProfil?

You must be at least 15 years old to create a RuterProfil.

What legal basis does Ruter have for processing personal data?

The legal basis for the processing of personal data is consent.

We use legitimate interest as legal basis for creating anonymous statistics.

What personal data is processed in RuterProfil, and what is it used for?

We process the following data about you:

  • Phone number: Used for login, and in customer dialogue when you contact us.
  • E-mail address: Used to verify your account, send receipts for in-app purchases, in customer dialogue when you contact us, and to notify you about the abovesaid circumstances that affect your customer relationship with Ruter.
  • First and last name: Used to verify account when changing phone numbers, and in customer dialogue when you contact us.
  • Address: If you choose to register your address, we can send you information related to your customer relationship per post.

If you use the Ruter app with your profile, we also process the following data:

  • Sales information when purchasing tickets: Stored to give you easy access to frequently purchased ticket types and receipts.
  • Your preferred ticket category: To offer the relevant ticket for you more quickly.
  • Saved places and stops: To allow us to quickly provide you with travel details relevant to you. We only save your favorite places if you have actively saved it as a favorite.
  • When you save a travel itiniery, we will save the following so that we can provide you with updates on travel information and deviations related to the trip you have planned:
    • GPS locations (from/to) for saved trip searches: The location stored is defined by what you as a customer have filled in "to" and "from". If you have done a search using "my location", it is your exact GPS location that is saved.
    • Stated time of departure, arrival and transfers for your saved searches for travel itiniaries. In addition, we store when you completed and saved the search.
    • Means of transport, vehicle and walk.
    • Preferred walking speed, so we can estimate which means of transport you will be able to reach (setting in the app).
    • Customer ID: links the stored information to your specific profile, so that you can access the information across devices or share saved travel information with others with RuterProfil.

If you use a travelcard, we also process the following data:

  • Travel card number: Necessary to help you with the reconstruction of your ticket, if you lose your travel card.
  • Sales information when purchasing tickets. Necessary to help you with the reconstruction of the ticket, if you lose your travel card.
  • Travel information: Time and place of card reading. Customer service has access to see the time and zone for a limited time after card reading. This is necessary to help you with the reconstruction of the ticket if you lose your travel card.

If you contact customer service, we store and process the following together with your profile:

All inquiries, and the dialogue related to your case.

What access does Ruter have to your data and is it shared with others?

Access to information about you is restricted. Access is granted only based on what is necessary.

We will not disclose your personal data to a third party if we are not legally obliged to do so by public authorities.

We will share anonymized data with our partners in public transport/mobility services.

Cloud solutions

Ruter uses AWS cloud services for the storage of and access to the personal data related to the services you use. Although Ruter use a supplier in USA, Ruter has, where possible, chosen to use services that are approved according to the EU's code of conduct CISPE and in a manner so that the supplier undertakes not to transfer personal data to countries outside the EU/EEA.

For services that are not CISPE-approved and where processing in the USA cannot be completely excluded, Ruter has taken a number of contractual, organisational and technical measures such as information isolation and encryption, to prevent the supplier from obtaining access to the information.. For such services, Ruter requires that the recipient undertakes to comply with the data protection regulations and we use the EU Commission's revised standard contractual clauses.

USA and the EU have entered into an agreement ensuring an adequate level of personal data protection as set out in GDPR. Read more about the agreement on Datatilsynet's website (only in Norwegian).

As part of our continuous work with information security, Ruter is always working on improvements to its services.

What are your rights?

You have the right to access, rectification, data portability and deletion of information stored about you.

More about your rights under Privacy in Ruter's services

You have the right to lodge a complaint about what you believe to be illegitimate processing of personal data with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, but feel free to contact us first via our Data Protection Officer. 

Send an e-mail to our Data Protection Officer

How is the data stored and deleted?

Your data will be processed as described below:

We only process your data insofar you have given your consent. You can withdraw the consent at any time by deleting your profile. If you have outstanding payments due to the use of Ruter's services, these must be paid before you can delete your profile. If you have a subscription, all invoices associated with such subscription must be paid and the subscription must be cancelled before you can delete your profile.

  • Your contact data will be stored for as long as you have a profile. Once you have deleted your profile, there is no way for Ruter to retrieve the information about you.
  • After you have withdrawn your consent by deleting your profile, we will delete your data within 14 days. Subsequently, sales and travel information will not be linked to you as a natural person. If you log in again during this 14-day period, you will reactivate your profile.
  • If you simply delete the app, without deleting your profile first, the information will still be stored with us.
  • When you have a RuterProfil, sales and travel information is stored up to 410 days after the ticket has expired, or alternatively 410 days after the complainant has lodged a written complaint with Ruter about a matter during a trip. This is to ensure the customer's right to lodge a complaint with the Transport Complaints Board. See Section 5-2 of the Regulations relating to the Transport Appeals Board (in Norwegian), and guidelines for the processing of personal data in Public Transport.
  • Information related to saved travel searches will automatically be deleted in our systems no later than three hours after the trip has had an arrival time. You can also delete the travel search directly in the app at any time.
  • Information about a favorite place or stop can be deleted in the app at any time.

However, Ruter cannot delete personal data if other legislation, e.g., related to accounting or bookkeeping, requires Ruter to further process the information. In this event, we will restrict the access even further and log all access to the data.

The customer data and travel information are stored in separate databases.

How can I request access to or deletion of data?

Some of your information is available to you for access, change and deletion in the app itself. If you delete the app without first deleting your profile, the information will still be stored with us. If you delete your profile, your information will be stored with us for 14 days and thereafter deleted. If you want access to all personal information on you, you must send us a written request, either by post or via the contact form.

Can I still use Ruter's services without being logged in?

Alternatively, you can travel anonymously with Ruter without a profile. It gives you access to regular travel searches and ticket purchases. Without RuterProfil, you will lose your history if you reinstall the app or change phone. Therefore, when travelling without a profile, you must take good care of your order number or ticket number. If your mobile phone for any reason is unavailable or lost, you can provide your order number or ticket number and get the remaining value refunded.

Last updated: 22/06/2023