RuterProfil Privacy Statement

Personal data protection, access and statistics when using your profile.

You are using your profile when you log in to the Ruter app or via This allows you to log in and access your profile across your devices (mobile phones, tablets, the web etc.) so your ticket is not lost if you lose your device.

You can choose to travel anonymously with Ruter without a profile. You still have the same access to journey planning and ticket purchase, but you will lose your historical data if you reinstall the app or change phones.

When travelling without a profile, you must therefore take good care of your order number or ticket number. If for some reason your mobile phone is lost or unavailable, you can state the order or ticket number and get the remaining value refunded when contacting customer services.

Legal age

You must be 15 years old or older to create a profile.

What can you do with the RuterProfil?


Ruter needs to process some personal information about you if you register a profile. The purpose of processing your data is to give you a more personal experience and better follow-up of your customer relationship, as well as offering the following additional services:

In the Ruter app

  • Access your ticket, no matter what phone you use when you are logged in.
  • Store your favourite locations so you can access them no matter what phone you choose to use.
  • Save purchase history so you can easily access it no matter what phone you choose to use.

At or by registering in person

You can register your travelcard. With a registered travelcard, you can:

  • Use the information we registered about you to transfer the value to a new travelcard if you lose your card or it's stolen.
  • Subscribe to automatic renewal of your 30-day ticket, or automatically top-up your pay-as-you-go credit (on your travelcard). You must sign a separate agreement with Ruter for this service.

Legal basis

Your consent is our legal basis for processing personal data.

What we process

We process the following contact details about you:

  • Phone number: Used to log in, and in our dialogue with you as a customer when you contact us
  • E-mail: Used to verify your account, and in our dialogue with you as a customer when you contact us
  • First and last name: Used to verify your account, and when you get a new phone number, and in our dialogue with you as a customer when you contact us
  • Address: If you choose to register your address, we can send you things related to your customer relationship by conventional mail.

If you use the Ruter app with a profile, we also process this information:

  • Sales information when buying tickets. This gives you easy access to the types of tickets you buy often, and an overview of your receipts.
  • Your favourite places, in order to quickly provide you with information about the places that are relevant to you. Ruters Customer service cannot see which favourite places you have saved. Ruter will not process this information for any other purpose.
  • Your preferred ticket categories, to more quickly offer the ticket that suits you.

If you use a travelcard, we also process this information:

  • Travelcard number: Necessary to assist you with reconstructing a ticket if you lose your travelcard.
  • Sales information when buying tickets: Necessary to assist you with reconstructing a ticket if you lose your travelcard.
  • Travel information: Time and place of card reading. Customer service has access to see the date/time and zone for a limited time period after card reading. Necessary to assist you with reconstructing a ticket if you lose your travelcard.

If you contact customer service, we will store and process the following data, along with your profile:

  • All enquiries, and the dialogue associated with them.

Customer information and travel information are stored in separate databases. We use an external service provider (Amazon Web Services, AWS) for cloud storage of information. Information is stored within the European Union. All data traffic takes place over a secure connection (HTTPS) and the data is encrypted during storage. There is limited access to the information.

Personal data protection at Amazon Web Services

Access, use and your rights

Access to personal information is limited. You have the right to data portability, access, correct and delete data stored about you.

We do not disclose personal information about you to third parties, except if we are required to do so by public authorities.

We will share anonymised data with our partners within the public transport sector and mobility services.

You have the right to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority if you think we are processing your personal data incorrectly, but feel free to contact us first via our data protection officer by e-mail.


Storage and deletion

Your personal information is stored and deleted according to the following:

  • We only process personal information as long as you give your consent. You can withdraw your consent by deleting your profile. . If you have a subscription, all invoices must be paid, and in addition you must cancel your subscription before you delete your profile.
  • Customer information will be stored so long as you give your consent to storage. After you have withdrawn you consent, we will delete this information and thereby remove the link to your sales and travel information. After this, Ruter will not be able to retrieve information about you.
  • If you withdraw your consent, we will delete your information within 14 days. After that, data about the use of the profile will not be linked to you. Please note that you will reactivate your profile if you log in to your profile before the expiration of the 14 days.
  • If you delete the app before you delete your profile, information about you will still be stored by Ruter.
  • If you have a profile, sales information and travel information are stored for a limited period (365 days) after the ticket has expired, or alternatively 365 days after a complaint has been submitted in writing to Ruter about the conditions of a journey. This is done to process and protect your right of appeal as a customer with the Transport Appeals Board. See § 5-2 of the Transport Appeals Board Regulations.
  • However, Ruter may not delete personal data that other legislation, such as accounting legislation, requires Ruter to process further. In that case we will further restrict access and log access to such information.

Request access or deletion of personal information

If you want to access or delete the personal information about you, we ask you to request this in writing, either by conventional mail or via our contact form.