Applies from: 04:00 02.10.2023 - 23:59 30.04.2024

Line 520 has a detour

The bus runs directly between Nordeng and Granheimtunet. The stops Gamle Kongevei, Nygård and Nygårdsåsen are not serviced. Travelers who normally use Gamle Kongevei are referred to Nordeng. Travelers who normally use Nygård and Nygårdsåsen are referred to Granheimtunet or line 521.

This is due to Nygårdsveien being closed to traffic in connection with the construction of a new water and drainage network.
Applies to services: 520
Applies to stops: Nygårdsåsen , Nygård , Gamle Kongevei
Last updated: 10.10.2023 08:38
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