Travelling with children and prams

Price for children

  • Children below the age of 6 travel free.
  • Children from the age of 6 and up to the age of 17 may travel with a children's ticket.

Remember to activate period tickets with a children's fare the day before you turn 18 at the latest.

Group discount

The group discount applies on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. With the group discount, you may bring up to four children below the age of 18 for free.

To use the group discount, you must have a valid adult, student, military, senior or youth ticket, and be over 18 years.

The group discount does not apply if you travel with the Oslo Pass or other special tickets.

Price for prams

You may bring a pram free of charge if there is sufficient space on board.

How to travel with pram

  • The driver determines whether there is sufficient space, taking safety into account.
  • Ensure that the pram is stationary with the brake on, and hold on to it if necessary.
  • You yourself are responsible for any harm the pram causes to others.
  • Due to safety concerns there are size restriction for prams.

Maximum size for prams

The pram's length must not exceed 1,200 mm, while the width must not exceed 800 mm.


  • On the Metro, the newest trams (lines 13, 17 and 18) and the ferries between Aker brygge, Nesodden and Vollen, you may bring a pram with a length of up to 1,460 mm and a width of 800 mm.
  • On the old trams (lines 11, 12 and 19) the doors are narrow, such that the length of the pram must not exceed 1,200 mm while its width must not exceed 700 mm.

Note that you yourself are responsible for complying with the maximum sizes.