Coronavirus: Service changes from 23 March

We are reducing transport services by approximately 15% due to the coronavirus pandemic. See the overview here.

Background information

The coronavirus has changed many of our daily routines, and many people are staying at home. At the same time, it is important to maintain good public transport services for everyone working to keep society going.

Public transport will therefore not stop, but we want to prioritise its resources appropriately. That is why we are scheduling fewer departures than usual. We aim to have adequate capacity to provide plenty of space between passengers on board so travellers can keep a distance from people around them. 

These are the main changes

  • The Metro operates a holiday schedule. All lines have departures every 15 minutes, and line 1 only runs between Frognerseteren and Helsfyr.
  • Trams run every 15 minutes instead of every 10 minutes.
  • There are fewer bus departures on most lines, and several express bus routes are cancelled.
  • Ferry B10 to and from Nesodden has some fewer departures during rush hour. There is a reduced service on ferry B20 to/from Slemmestad and Vollen. We allow fewer passengers on board each ferry to ensure acceptable distance between people.

We prioritise the most important departure times to keep a steady flow of traffic throughout the day. Many of the jobs that are essential to society are based on shift work. Our services will take this into account.