Route changes in Oslo and Akershus from 7 October

On Sunday 8 October we implemented route changes to several bus routes in Oslo and Akershus. There were minor timetable adjustments on the Metro, but no changes for tram services.

The changes are as follows:

Buses in Oslo

  • Route 25: Rush hour departures to/from Kjelsås are extended to Tonsenhagen.
  • More departures on routes 28, 32, 56 and 71B.
  • Timetable adjustments on routes 25, 71A, 72C, 73, 76, 77C, 79, 82E, 83 and 87.

Buses in Asker, Bærum and Røyken

  • Changes to stopping patterns on express routes 140E, 150E, 160E, 250E, 255E and 265E.
  • Route 230: Departures to/from Fossum are extended to Ila.
  • Bus stop Fossum snuplass no longer in use.
  • More departures on routes 240 and 250.
  • Timetable adjustments on routes 250, 250E, 260, 285 and 290.
  • Bus stop Jongsåsveien is renamed Elias Smiths vei.

Buses in Romerike

  • More departures on routes 100 and 110 on Sundays.
  • Route 390 no longer serves Glittre and Glittre nybygg.
  • More departures on route 430.
  • Timetable adjustments on routes 446 and 452.
  • Bus stop Sundbrua is renamed Eidsvollbrua.
  • Bus stop Berger grustak is renamed Berger geopark.

Buses in Follo

  • Route 512 closes permanently, and is replaced by route 510 along Langhusveien near Vardåsveien.
  • Route 560: Departures to/from Drøbak Mondays–Fridays get a separate route number 561.
  • Night bus N590 is renamed 540N.

Night buses

All night bus route numbers will have the 'N' added as a suffix. Route N12 becomes 12N, route N400 becomes 400N and so forth.

Be sure to check the new timetables