Route changes in Oslo and Drøbak

On Sunday 3 March we implemented changes to certain bus routes in Oslo, as well as between Oslo and Drøbak. Remember to check the journey planner for new times.

Buses in Oslo and Fornebu

The bus stop Wessels plass in Nedre Vollgate was opened for the following bus routes:

  • 12N, 30, 30N, 31, 32, 32N, 36E, 54 and 70
  • 80E towards Åsbråten
  • 81 and 83N towards Fløysbonn
  • 81N towards Ski
  • 83 towards Tårnåsen

24 Fornebu–Brynseng

  • New route between Fornebu and Smestad.
  • No longer stops at Lysaker, Vækerø, Maritim, Skøyenbrua, Skøyen stasjon, Hoff, Hoff terrasse, Jarlsborgveien and Smestaddammen. See below for information on new bus route 40.

28 Fornebu–Helsfyr

  • Departures every 7/8 minutes instead of every 10 minutes.

31E Snarøya–Fornebu–Tonsenhagen–Grorud

  • Adjusted departure times at night to reduce delays.

36E Fornebu–Oslo bussterminal

  • Departures every 15 minutes from Fornebu to Oslo bussterminal in the morning, and from Oslo bussterminal to Fornebu in the afternoon. 
  • Switches platform from 43 to 29 at Oslo bus terminal. The new platform is inside the terminal.

40 (Fornebu–) Skøyen–Øvre Sogn

  • New route: Skøyen – Hoff – Smestad – Gaustad – Øvre Sogn. Runs to/from Fornebu at rush hour.
  • Operates from 05.30–21.00 Mondays–Fridays and from 07.00–21.00 at weekends.
  • Departures every 30 minutes during the day, and every 15 minutes during rush hour.

Buses between Drøbak and Oslo

500 Drøbak – Oslo bussterminal

  • New route: Drøbak centre – Grande – Dyrløkke – Heer – Oslo.
  • No longer stops at Skorkeberg, Horgen and Vinterbro. Transfer to/from new route 505/505E and 510 at Seiersten/Ullerud, Dyrløkke and Ottarsrud. See information on new routes below.
  • Departures every half hour outside rush hour and every 10 minutes in rush hour.
  • In combination with the new route 505E, there will be departures every five minutes from Dyrløkke/Heer to Oslo in the morning rush hour, and from Oslo to Heer/Dyrløkke in the afternoon rush hour.
  • Bus stop Grøndal will be closed because the buses will run via Grande in both directions. The closest alternative stops are Lysne and Drøbak torg.

500E Drøbak – Oslo bussterminal

Discontinued and replaced by changed route 500 and new route 505E.

500N Drøbak – Oslo bussterminal

  • New night and morning bus route. Route: Drøbak centre – Grande – Skorkeberg – Heer – Horgen – Nesset – Oslo.
  • Departures from Drøbak brygge at 04.15 and 04.45 Monday to Friday.
  • Departures from Oslo bus terminal at 05.30 and 06.00 Monday to Friday.
  • Three departures in each direction Friday and Saturday nights and public holiday nights.

500X Oslo–Tusenfryd

Discontinued and replaced by new route 505.

505 Seiersten–Oslo bussterminal

  • New route. Route: Seiersten – Skorkeberg – Dyrløkke – Horgen – Nesset – Oslo.
  • Does not depart/arrive Drøbak centre and Heer. Transfer to/from route 500 and 510 at Ullerud/Seiersten, Ottarsrud and Dyrløkke.
  • Departures every half hour all day between Seiersten and Oslo bus terminal.
  • Departures every ten minutes from Bekkevold to Oslo during morning rush hour, and from Oslo to Bekkevold during afternoon rush hour. Will also have more departures when TusenFryd is open.
  • Operates via Vassum towards Oslo. If travelling from Oslo to Vassum, transfer to oncoming bus at Horgen.

505E Skorkeberg – Oslo bussterminal

  • New rush hour route. Route: Skorkeberg – Dyrløkke – Heer - Oslo.
  • First departures from Holterteigen at 05.34 and 06.04. Then departures every 10 minutes until 08.04 Last departure at 08.34
  • First departures from Oslo bus terminal at 14.30 and 15.00. Then departures every 10 minutes until 17.30. Last departure at 18.00.
  • In combination with route 500, there will be departures every five minutes from Dyrløkke/Heer to Oslo in the morning rush hour, and from Oslo to Heer/Dyrløkke in the afternoon rush hour.