Covid-19: Guidelines for using public transport

Keep social distance and do not travel unless you must. Wearing a face covering is mandatory when recommended social distancing cannot be maintained.

Available space on board

To help maintain enough space, we allow fewer passengers on board our vehicles. Most seats are available, except for the seats behind the driver on buses and trams. There is a limited number of spaces for standing passengers. Please keep recommended distance to others: At least one metre face-to-face.

If the recommended distance cannot be maintained, please disembark and wait for the next departure or use an alternative route.

Travel guarantee

You have the right to travel as long as you comply with the existing rules for passenger capacity. That means our travel guarantee no longer applies if the means of travel does not have space for you on board.

Customer Service Centre

Write, call or visit us at our customer services centre Ruter S or one of our service points.


We do not sell tickets on board. To avoid contact between passengers and staff, travelcard validators on regional buses are unavailable until further notice.

We recommend using the RuterBillett app to purchase your ticket.

Other measures

We try to limit physical contact between our customers and public transport employees.

  • The front door and the two front rows of seats are unavailable.
  • Drivers and other staff may advise passengers to wait for the next departure if the vehicle is full.
  • The floors of the vehicle/ferry are labelled to indicate where you may stand.
  • Posters, info screens and PA announcements are in use to remind passengers about distancing rules and space limitations.
  • Cleaning has increased significantly.

Please note

  • Even if we increase our cleaning efforts, it is important that everyone follow FHI's advice on cough etiquette and hand hygiene.