Covid-19: Guidelines for using public transport

Drivers and employees in public transport are doing everything they can to keep the wheels in motion. Do not travel unless you have to. To ensure safe distance between our passengers, our vehicles are currently operating at reduced capacity on board.

Reduced passenger capacity

Passenger capacity on board is reduced until further notice, in compliance with the recommendations set by the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health to limit the spread of Covid-19.

As a customer you have the right to travel as long as you comply with the existing rules for passenger capacity. That means our travel guarantee no longer applies if the means of does not have space for you.

Other measures

  • We try to limit physical contact between our customers and public transport employees.
  • That is why the front door and the two front rows of seats are off limits.
  • We will not accept cash payments on board until further notice due limit the risk to passengers, drivers and crew.
  • The driver will open all doors when reaching every stop. Please press the stop button to signal the driver that you intend to disembark.
  • The seats and floors of the vehicle/ferry are labelled to indicate where you may stand and where you can sit.
  • Posters, info screens and PA announcements are in use to remind passengers about distancing rules and space limitations.
  • Cleaning has increased significantly.

Please note: Even if we increase our cleaning efforts, it is important that everyone follow FHI's advice on cough etiquette and hand hygiene.

Guidelines and practical information

  • You must never use public transport if you feel sick or think you are infected.
  • Travel only when necessary – Use a bicycle or walk if possible.
  • Avoid rush hour if you can.
  • Do not embark if it is not possible to maintain the recommended distance.
  • Be considerate on board – stay at least one meter from the other passengers.
  • Only use the seats that are made available and the standing spaces indicated on the floor. 

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