Covid-19 and public transport

Wearing a face covering is mandatory when you can't maintain one metres distance to others. Here's what applies from 14 January.

Measures from 14 January

The Government has launched several national measures, and you must now wear a face covering when you can't maintain recommended distance.

  • Avoid public transport when it's crowded.
  • Wear a face covering when you can't maintain social distancing.
  • Show consideration, use all available seats on board.
  • In taxis, face coverings are mandatory for both passenger and driver.

Local measures

There may be local measures in some municipalities. We recommend you to check with the municipality you're travelling in.

Bus front doors are open for boarding

We re-opened the front doors on Monday 24 January. Please use one of the rear doors when getting off the bus.

Regional buses

Use the front door for boarding, and scan or show your ticket to the driver. You may use Pay-as-you-go credit, but we do not accept cash payments on board.

City buses

You may use the front door for boarding and use Pay-as-you-go credit. We do not accept cash payments on board.

Contact us

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