Self-driving buses

You can board bus route 35 between Vippetangen and Kontraskjæret in central Oslo, starting Monday May 20th at 15:00.

Where do the buses run?

The first route runs from Kontraskjæret to Vippetangen at the Oslo waterfront. You can find departures in our Travel Planner and the RuterReise app, in the same way as any other public transport service.

Departure times, routes and number of buses may vary. We recommend watching out for service disruption messages in the RuterReise app or the Travel Planner, just in case.

Route map for bus 35 that runs from Kontraskjæret via Skur 35 to Vippetangen.
Find journey in the journey planner

How to travel

All you need to journey on the bus is a valid ticket. If you have not purchased a ticket in advance, you can buy one using the RuterBillett app, or use the travelcard, or visit one of our sales outlets. Travel guarantees are not offered on this bus route, since it is part of a pilot programme.

Questions and feedback

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like to offer feedback about one of our services. You can contact us using the contact form, give us a call or visit a customer service centre.