The RuterBillett app is being discontinued

Ticket sales in the RuterBillett app closed on 29 May, and we welcome you to the new Ruter app.

In the new Ruter app, you can plan your journey and buy tickets in one app. It is the most used app and has 850.000 users.

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Valid tickets will still be visible

If you have valid tickets in the RuterBillett app, they will be visible until they expire. You can no longer buy period tickets in the old app. After 12 June, you can no longer buy single tickets.

We recommend you download the Ruter app and buy your tickets there.

Corporate customers

While we're closing ticket sales in the RuterBillett app, customers with staff or corporate tickets will still use the app to display their tickets. You can also buy extension tickets for your valid corporate period ticket.

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