About MinSide ("MyPage")

If you have a registered travelcard, you can set up MinSide where you get an overview of the travelcard content. Please note that MinSide is only available in Norwegian.

On MinSide you can

  • block your travelcard
  • view the expiry date of your ticket
  • view your pay-as-you-go credit balance
  • view your ticket history, recent transactions and previous invoices
  • change your postal and e-mail addresses and your telephone number

Please note that because validators are not online, it may take a little time for all your transactions to be displayed. Your ticket history will be available for 90 days before the data is deleted.

How to set up MinSide

Before you can set up MinSide you must first register your travelcard. The tickets on your card will still be impersonal, so anyone can borrow your card. The advantage of registering your card is that you can recover your tickets and credit if you lose your card.

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