Terms and conditions for Ryde in the Ruter app

As a customer, you will find the terms and conditions for travelling with Ryde e-scooters in the Ruter app – Ruter's new travel service.


In this Agreement, the following words and terms may be understood as follows:

Prohibition Zone means the areas defined and designated in the Ruter app where vehicles cannot be deactivated. As you cannot reactivate a vehicle once it has been deactivated in such an area, you should avoid such an area as far as possible, as non-compliance may result in additional costs.

Operating Zone means the areas defined and designated in the Ruter app where the vehicles can be activated, used, temporarily parked and deactivated.

Data Protection Declaration means the privacy statement on Ruter's processing of personal data.

See privacy policy for the use of e-scooters

Vehicle means Ryde's electric vehicles, such as e-scooters or e-bikes.

Contact Details means first name, surname, e-mail address, cell phone number, and valid payment information.

Ryde's Terms and Conditions apply in addition to the terms and conditions on this page.

To rent a Ryde vehicle in the Ruter app, you must first create a Ruter profile. Only correctly registered customers can use Ryde's offer in the Ruter app.

It is only when the registration process – which requires the customer to enter contact details (first name, surname, e-mail address, cell phone number and valid payment information) and also accept the terms of the agreement – that a user agreement is valid for driving an electric scooter or electric bicycle between you as a customer and Ruter.

The profile you have created in the Ruter app only applies to Ruter's own app. The profile is not valid in Ryde's app and cannot be transferred. Rides made in the Ruter app can be managed by Ryde's customer service office (for example, terminating rides due to technical errors). Ryde does not have access to customer details beyond mandatory situations where Ruter gives specific access to them.


Using the Ruter app, you can use Ryde's offer in Oslo. That means you can find an e-scooter or e-bike, start a ride, pause a ride, end a ride, and pay for the rent.

See Data Protection Declaration for the use of e-scooters in the Ruter app

Terms of use for the app

Ruter's Terms and Conditions for Travel apply to the agreement between the customer and Ruter as far as they apply. The following conditions also apply:

  • It is not permitted to change or manipulate fixed content in the app.
  • Any attempt to recreate the original source code for the software (known as reverse engineering) is strictly prohibited.
  • Ruter's tickets and/or data made available by Ruter shall not be copied, transferred, traded and/or distributed in any way.

See terms and conditions for the Ruter app

Paying for the use of e-scooters and e-bikes

If you want to rent an e-scooter or e-bike in the Ruter app, you must:

  • Have an approved payment method linked with your profile (debit/credit card).
  • Have sufficient coverage during the purchase process so that you can pay the amount we charge for the rental.
  • Pay the rental fee.

The rent consists of an amount payable to unlock Ryde's vehicle, and an amount payable for each minute, or part of the minute, in which Ryde's vehicle is in use. Prior to entering into the rental contract, the Ruter App will display the amount of unlocking Ryde's vehicle and the amount incurred per minute. The amounts include mandatory value added tax.

Ruter will reserve an amount directly from your bank card/credit card in connection with your use of the vehicle. The rent is due for payment when the rental agreement ends. Then the actual price of the trip is calculated and the reserved amount is adjusted to the calculated cost. If the full reserved amount is not used during your next trip, the reserved amount will be released after the trip. You understand that the release of the withheld amount may take a few business days due to the processing of the amount by banks and/or other third parties. At the start of the rental, the Ruter app will reserve an amount up to NOK 200.

If the use of Ryde's vehicle according to the rental agreement is not possible, even if the Ryde vehicle is marked as available in the Ruter app, you will not be charged for the rental.
Payment for use of Ryde's vehicles will be handled in accordance with processing of the payment option (card payment) you have chosen when registering your Ruter profile. By concluding a rental agreement, you confirm that Ruter has the right to authorise the transfer of the specified account by direct debit.

If you do not have sufficient funds beyond the reserved amount at the end of the rental, the reserved amount will be released after the trip and the entire total amount of the trip will be set as unpaid. The amount owed must be settled before you can ride an electric scooter in the Ruter app again. You also cannot delete the user profile in the Ruter app until outstanding amounts have been paid.

Reservation and conclusion of rental agreements

Use of a Ryde vehicle is only possible if it is marked in the Ruter app as available. It cannot be excluded that an inaccurate GPS signal may in some cases be the cause of a discrepancy between the actual location of the Ryde vehicle and the location shown in the App.

Ruter and Ryde can call the customer using the cell phone number stored in the user account if there are significant operational disruptions related to the customer's use of a vehicle.

Termination of the rental

Customers wishing to terminate the rental agreement must properly park the Ryde vehicle in accordance with Ryde's Terms and Conditions. You must then follow the procedure described in the Ruter app to cancel the agreement.

Customers must find information about zones for parking, the boundaries of a business area, and the zones where parking is prohibited in the Ruter app. You must take a picture of the e-scooter you used when parking at the end of your trip. The image should clearly show that you have parked the vehicle in accordance with the conclusion of the rental. The image should clearly show the entire vehicle and should not be blurry or otherwise unclear. We reserve the right to store this image to make sure you have parked as described during the conclusion of your rental. Read more about images when parking in The Data Protection Declaration for Rental of Micromobility Vehicles.

When the rental period ends, the total rental period and the total cost incurred will be shown to you. You will then be able to read the receipt for the rental period and the cost through their profile pages in Ruter's app. You can also send the receipt to yourself from the interface.

Customer's responsibilities

You are responsible for damage caused by negligent or grossly negligent use of the vehicles and/or violation of Norwegian law.

For more information on your responsibilities, see Ryde's Terms and Conditions Point 3.

Ryde's responsibilities

Ryde offers liability insurance. Liability insurance covers damage to the driver, passengers, other people's vehicles and property. The insurance covers damage to persons, with no limit (your clothes and other personal belongings are not covered). Damage to other people's vehicles, buildings and objects is covered by up to NOK 100 million.

Ryde Insurance at ryde-technology.com

Ryde is not responsible for damage caused by the user's negligence or gross negligence when using the vehicles, or violation of Norwegian law. Ryde may, via its insurance company, seek reimbursement from the user for any damage caused by the user's negligence or violation of legislation.

If the damage is due to the vehicle's construction or design, Ryde will, through its insurance company, cover damage to users or third parties, and seek recourse from the manufacturer of the vehicles.

Procedures to be followed in case of accidents

You agree that you will treat any vehicle with care and common sense (as described in Ryde's Terms and Conditions) and understand that any damages, harm or costs to Ryde Technology AS resulting from your failure to do so may result in us claiming full compensation from you.

  • Report damage, theft, accident, or similar scenarios regarding a vehicle you rented and/or have come across. (Contact Ryde)
  • Wearing appropriate safety equipment
  • Do not drive in an improper condition, such as (but not limited to): under the influence of substances, distracted, during a poor physical condition, under the influence of medications or other factors that may prevent you from operating a vehicle responsibly and competently.

Breach of contract

If the terms of use of the Ruter app are not complied with, Ruter may block the app from further use. Ruter will reimburse any outstanding payments you have made if that happens.
If you violate the terms and conditions for using the app, or misuse the service in any other way, you are also responsible for any economic loss incurred by Ruter in relation to this misuse.

In addition, Ryde's Terms and Conditions for Use of Vehicles apply; see Ryde's Terms and Conditions, Point 4:

You hereby certify that you will comply with all local regulations such as (but not limited to): Traffic regulations, data protection, parking instructions, instructions for the use of vehicles. You also confirm that you are competent at all times and physically fit to operate a vehicle in a proper manner, assess all traffic conditions, as well as demonstrate general common sense.

You confirm that you may use the vehicles solely as intended in accordance with local regulations and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, such as (but not limited to):

  • Do not alter, disassemble or adjust our e-scooters
  • Do not drive or park within restricted areas
  • Do not bring/ride the e-scooter outside the area of operation (Area of Operation in this case is defined as the area where you can end the trip which is surrounded by a red continuous area/fence on the map). Doing so may result in a penalty of up to 500 NOK (in addition to the total cost of the trip)
  • Ride with a maximum of 1 person on a single e-scooter
  • Do not ride the e-scooter if your total weight (including accessories) exceeds 120kg
  • Drive properly and competently with regard to all traffic laws and local regulations
  • Park considerately in relation to all traffic laws and local regulations
  • Do not take your e-scooter on other means of transport (such as, but not limited to: buses, trains, cars etc.)

You confirm that you understand and accept that any damages and/or costs against Ryde Technology AS resulting from non-compliance with these described terms, local traffic laws and local regulations will be invoiced to you and are your sole responsibility unless Ryde Technology AS has specifically stated otherwise in writing.

Withdrawing from the agreement

The agreement for riding electric scooters is withdrawn from your profile page in the app. It takes 14 days for the agreement to be terminated. In order to ride a scooter again, a new agreement must be entered into.

Last updated: 25.09.2023 at 10:30