Nordic Bus - Request for Information: Benefit calculations 15. august 2016

The Nordic Bus Project is a joint project by Strætó in Reykjavik, Movia in Copenhagen, Ruter in Oslo, HSL in Helsinki and SLL in Stockholm. The five PTAs in the Nordic capital regions are seeking opportunities to reduce costs and/or increase the attractiveness of public transport through a joint venture.The main objective of the project would be to agree on common fleet procurement demands for the Nordic capital cities. Nordic Bus will publish bus demand documents for city buses, suburban buses and regional buses for use in upcoming tenders. For more information about the project


Ruter is the public transport administration company serving the capital region (PTA). Ruter As is jointly owned by the City of Oslo (60%) and County of Akershus (40%). Ruter provides public transport services for the capital region, except of local trains that are provided by the state. Ruter is not operating any transport services by ourselves. Transport services are provided by operators under contract with Ruter.


Please note that the meetings will be one-to-one meetings. The meetings will be scheduled to be held late August and early September. 


Deadline for registering interest for meeting is 15.08.2016.


Please see attached document for more information. 


Nordic Bus - request for information - Ruter.pdf