Applies from: 05:00 03.08.2019 - 02:00 19.08.2019

No Metro service between Tøyen and Brynseng

Due to track work, line 2 does not run between Tøyen and Brynseng during the period Saturday 03.08 to Sunday 18.08. Use a replacement bus line 95 between Tøyen and Brynseng. Note: The platforms on Helsfyr T is completely closed. If you are going from one side of the road to the other, you must cross the bridge.

Departures from Østerås via Carl Berners plass will terminate at Veitvet. Note: New departure times for service between Brynseng and Ellingsrudåsen. You can also use local train L1 from Bryn station towards Oslo S.
Applies to services: 2
Last updated: 08.08.2019 16:43
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