Bus changes in Oslo from 16 April

On Sunday, 16 April, we're adjusting some bus routes in Oslo. Several routes will have new departure times. Remember to check your bus before you travel.

Summary of the changes

30N Bygdøy–Jernbanetorget

Late night departures between Bygdøy and Jernbanetorget become part of the regular route 30.

31 Snarøya–Fornebu–Tonsenhagen–Grorud

  • Adjusted departure times.
  • Departs every 7/8 minutes between rush hours, in the early evenings and on Saturdays.

31E Kalbakken–Fornebu

Departs every 10 minutes in direction Fornebu in the morning rush hour.

32 Voksen skog–Kværnerbyen

Cancelled. Replaced by routes 42 and 54.

32N Voksen skog–Kværnerbyen

Cancelled. Replaced by route 42N between Voksen skog and Jernbanetorget, and route 54 between Jernbanetorget and Kværnerbyen.

New! 42 Voksen skog–Tjuvholmen

  • New route to replace route 32 between Voksen skog and Tjuvholmen/Vika.
  • Departs every 7/8 minutes during rush hour.

New! 42N Voksen skog–Jernbanetorget

New night bus route to replace route 32N.

54 Kjelsås stasjon–Kværnerbyen

  • Will no longer run to Tjuvholmen, but via Dronning Eufemias gate to Kværnerbyen, replacing route 32.
  • No longer stops at Kvadraturen, Wessels plass, Nationaltheatret, Dokkveien, Vika Atrium and Tjuvholmen.

72C Mortensrud–Maikollen

Cancelled. Replaced by bus 73X.

73 Holmlia stasjon–Pasop

Departures between Mortensrud and Hauketo are transferred to the new route 73X and extended to Maikollen.

New! 73X Hauketo stasjon–Maikollen

  • New route to replace route 72C.
  • Departs every 15 minutes during rush hours.

84E Jernbanetorget–Oppegård stasjon

  • The departures from Jernbanetorget at 17:18 and 17:33 are cancelled.
  • Departs from Jernbanetorget two minutes later to better connect with route 83 at Ødegården.

87 Hauketo stasjon–Kolbotn stasjon

Departs from Hauketo stasjon two minutes later to better connect with certain train services.