Bus changes in Romerike and Vestby 15 December

From Sunday 15 December, there will be changes to some routes in Romerike and Vestby. In Oslo, routes 70 and 74 will get new departure times.


70 Nationaltheatret–Skullerud

  • New departure times in both directions.
  • No longer stops at Nationaltheatret platform H in Haakon VIIs gate. The nearest stop is platform D in Stortingsgata.

74 Jernbanetorget–Mortensrud

New departure times in both directions.


330 Fjerdingby–Lillestrøm

New departure times to enable a 15 minute frequency along Øvre Rælingsveg together with route 310.

370 Blaker ring

During Christmas, Easter and summer holidays, departures from Sørumsand stasjon at 06:20, 07:20, 16:07 and 17:07 are cancelled. This is due to connecting train departures being cancelled.

381 Gullhaug-Tømte–Lillestrøm

Departures until 23:00 every day of the week.

450 Årnes–Oslo lufthavn

The 14:00 departure from Gamle Hvam to Årnes on Wednesdays will change to 13:55.

455 Årnes–Rånåsfoss

Buses start running via Fjellfotvegen again after a temporary closure. No longer stops at Knatten and Brautergutua.

New platforms at Lillestrøm terminal

  • Bus route 310 departs from platform 5.
  • Bus route 335 departs from platform 10.
  • Bus route 350 departs from platform 3.


Vy adds more train departures during rush hour, and we adjust services on connecting bus routes.

530 Vestby stasjon–Pepperstad

New departure from Vestby stasjon at 18:30 to Pepperstad.

540 Moss–Vestby stasjon

  • New departures from Brevikbukta at 08:37 and 17:37 to Sonsveien stasjon.
  • New departure from Sonsveien stasjon at 18:33 to Son.

541 Son–Sonsveien stasjon

  • New departures from Son kulturkirke at 08:50 and 17:50.
  • The departure from Son kulturkirke at 18:23 will move to 18:20.
  • New departure from Sonsveien stasjon at 18:33.

545 Son–Vestby stasjon

  • New departures from Vestby stasjon at 09:27 and 18:27 to Hølen.
  • New departures from Hølen at 08:52 and 17:52.