Zones 2S and 3S merge

As of 21 August it will become simpler to use public transport in Follo, both for short local trips and in to Oslo. Zones 2S and 3S will merge into one zone

Same price – larger zone

The price within the zone will not change, but the size of the zone will increase as customers previously belonging to zone 3S will belong to zone 2S from 21 August. This entails that locations such as Drøbak and Ås (formerly 3S) now will belong to the same zone as Nesodden, Kolbotn, Ski, Vinterbro and Enebakk, to name a few.

At the same time Vestby, which previously belonged to zone 4S, becomes zone 3S from 21 August.

New zone map. Image

Simpler commute

The change in zones means that travellers have one zone less to take into account. At the same time, commuters with 30-day tickets from former zone 3S to Oslo will save NOK 534 a month for adult tickets and NOK 321 for student tickets.

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Purchased tickets are eligible for refunds

  • Have you already paid for a ticket that is valid after 21 August? Enquire at one of our service points in order for us to refund your ticket so that you may buy a new ticket at the reduced price.
  • If you have a ticket waiting in the RuterBillett app, we recommend that you cancel the purchase and buy a new ticket at the reduced price after 21 August.
  • Customers with automatic renewal of tickets for zone 3S have been contacted by phone.
  • Customers with automatic renewal of tickets for all zones and who only need a ticket for two zones after the zone merger, must contact Ruter in order to change this.

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