Travel advice for public transport

Our drivers and employees are doing their best to keep services running. However, we ask you not to travel unless it is strictly necessary.

Our measures

  • We try to limit situations where customers and staff must be in close contact. Our priority is to limit the spread of coronavirus.  
  • We are closing the front door and the first two seat rows.
  • Cash payments will not be accepted. This is in consideration of the safety of both passengers, drivers and staff.
  • Doors will be opened by the driver at all stops if a stop signal has been given.
  • Cleaning efforts have significantly increased.
  • Our customer services centre at Jernbanetorget and service points operated by Sporveien and Norled are closed until further notice. Our contact forms and phone 22 05 70 70 will operate as normal.

Please note: Even if we increase our cleaning efforts, it is important that everyone follow FHI's advice on cough etiquette and hand hygiene.

Travel advice and practical information

  • Do not travel unless it is strictly necessary. Walk or cycle if you can.
  • Show consideration of others and keep a safe distance.
  • Do not board if you will not be able to keep the recommended distance. Wait for the next departure.
  • Travel outside of rush hours if possible.
  • If you are sick or may have been exposed to the virus: do not travel.
  • Follow advice from health authorities.

How are public transport services affected?

Services have been reduced by approximately 15%.

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