Covid-19: Guidelines for using public transport

The reopening of society has begun. These are the most important guidelines for using public transport at the moment.

Available space on board

To help maintain enough space, we allow fewer passengers onboard. Most seats are available, except for the seats behind the driver on buses and trams. There is a limited number of spaces for standing passengers. Spread well onboard and keep recommended distance to others.

If you cannot keep a recommended distance, please disembark and wait for the next departure or use an alternative route.

Travel guarantee

You have a right to travel as long as you comply with the existing rules for passenger capacity. That means our travel guarantee no longer applies if the means of travel does not have space for you on board.

Contact us

Write, call or visit us at our customer services centre Ruter S or one of our service points.


To maintain social distancing between driver and passenger, we do not accept cash payments onboard. We recommend using the Ruter or RuterBillett apps to purchase tickets. Please note that Ticket for additional zones is not available in the new Ruter app yet.

Opening of the front door

As a general rule, you may board through the front door on most of our buses in the time to come. The front door may still be closed in some areas. Please pay attention when the bus stops.

Regional buses

If it is open, board through the front door, scan your Travelcard or show today's picture in the app to the driver. Use one of the other doors if the front door is closed. Do not exit the bus through the front door.

If the front door is closed, the Travelcard validator will be unavailable. We recommend using the Ruter or RuterBillett apps to purchase tickets.

City buses

You may board through the front door, and you can pay for your journey with a Travelcard or an Impulse card. Remember to keep your distance from the driver. Do not exit the bus through the front door.


The front door will remain closed in the time to come.

Other measures

We try to limit physical contact between our customers and public transport employees.

  • We have established a safety zone in the driver's area. Please do not stand or sit within this area, and do not use the first row of seats.
  • Drivers and other staff may advise passengers to wait for the next departure if the vehicle is full.
  • Posters and information monitors are in use to remind passengers about distancing rules and space limitations.
  • Cleaning has increased significantly.

Please note

  • Even if we increase our cleaning efforts, everyone must follow FHI's advice on cough etiquette and hand hygiene.

Travelling with reduced functional ability?

  • At present, we will assist you when boarding or disembarking, and if you require help with fastening your wheelchair.
  • Keep a safe distance when the driver rolls out the ramp for you. You can board once the ramp is ready.
  • On city buses and trams, place your wheelchair in the indicated spot as usual.
  • If the bus is already carrying a wheelchair or a stroller, you will have to wait for the next bus. Read more about your right to use alternative transport in our travel guarantee.
  • If faulty equipment onboard prevents you from travelling, the driver will book alternative transportation for you.

See our travel guarantee