Route changes in Bærum

On 1 January there will be numerous changes to public transport services in Bærum! Buses will have more that 30 per cent more departures, new routes, new timetables and new route numbers.

A summary of the changes

Bærum is a growing municipality, and there is a need for a network of travel options and higher frequencies.

Currently many buses operate in parallel, in addition to train and Metro, which is a waste of resources. From 1 January there will therefore be somewhat fewer bus routes. Several of the buses that previously serviced Oslo will instead service junctions where you may transfer to Metro, train or other bus routes. This allows us to use some of the resources to greatly improve public transport services within Bærum. Although there will be fewer bus routes, the buses will depart more frequently and will have more than 30% more departures.

This is new

  • New timetables
  • New route numbers
  • New routes, which means that there will be changes to which stops the buses stop at
  • More departures to junctions where you may transfer to other routes
  • Buses 122 and 156 will be discontinued, as there has been fewer passengers on these routes

See the new routes in the journey planner

All routes will see changes. Some will have significant changes, while others will only be given a new route number. It is therefore important that you check your journey in the journey planner so that you are prepared for 1 January.

Find journey in the journey planner

New route numbers

All bus routes and service routes in Bærum will have new route numbers. The new numbers indicate where the buses are travelling. Those starting with 100 service Oslo, while those starting with 200 are within Bærum. Express buses are indicated by an E appending the route number, and night buses are indicated by an N before the route number

See overview of new and old route numbers