Price change from 29 January

On 29 January 2017 prices will change for single tickets, 30-day tickets and 365-day tickets. Below are the new prices.

This is new from 29 January

  • Single ticket: Single tickets purchased in advance increase in price by NOK 1. Single tickets purchased on board increase by NOK 5 for an adult ticket (NOK 3 for children and seniors, and only when travelling within or from zone 1).
  • 30 day ticket: The 30 day ticket for children, seniors, young people, students and adults will increase by 2.6% in all zones.
  • 365 day ticket: The 365 day ticket increases by 2.6% for adults and seniors in all zones.
  • Companion discount: Companions of persons with reduced functional ability who are unable to travel alone can now travel at no charge.
  • Rufus ticket: The ticket still applies for up to 15 people, but the number of adults per ticket may now be 4.

Prices for 24-hour tickets, 7 day tickets, supplementary tickets and Rufus tickets will not change.

New prices for single tickets

Adult 33 53 73 93 113
Children 17 27 37 47 57
Seniors 17 27 37 47 57

There is a NOK 22 surcharge when buying an adult ticket on board in all zones. If you are buying a child or senior ticket, the board surcharge (NOK 11) only applies if you are travelling in or from zone 1.

New prices for 30-day tickets

Zones1 zone2 zones All zones
Adult 708 1256 1804
Children 354 454 554
Seniors 354 628 902
Young people 354 454 554
Students 425 754


New prices for 365-day tickets

Zones1 zone2 zonesAll zones
Adult 7080 12560 18040
Seniors 3540 6280 9020

Tickets purchased prior to the price changes

If you buy a ticket before 29 January, you must remember to activate it by 30 April 2017 at the latest. After 30 April the ticket will become invalidated and may not be used for travel. If you are unable to use the ticket, it is refundable for up to three years.

See how to obtain a refund for invalidated tickets

Why are the prices changing?

Revenue from tickets comprises roughly half of Ruter's combined revenue, the remainder being subsidies from the City of Oslo and Akershus County Municipality. To ensure that there is a good public transport service, Ruter annually increases ticket prices in line with the framework established for price growth for municipal services in the Government budget. Ticket revenues are used in their entirety to develop public transport services in Oslo and Akershus.