Real time information

Real time information is live information on when the bus, tram, metro or ferry actually will arrive at the stop. Here you can see how you check if we are on schedule.

Check real time information here

  • The journey planner, on the «See live departures» tab
  • The RuterReise app, on the «Departure times» tab
  • On screens at stops and stations

Check if your departure is on time

Download the RuterReise app

For iPhone or Android:

What is real time information

  • Real time information is departure times that are continuously updated until the actual departure from your stop.
  • Real time information is calculated based on how long the bus, tram, metro, train or ferry ordinarily uses between two stops and how far it has travelled since the last registration point.
  • Note that real time information is based on normal travel time for the means of transport. If unforeseen incidents occur that create queues and delays, real time information may change from e.g. 1 to 3 minutes.

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