Check to see if you qualify for ticket discounts when you travel with Ruter. Don't forget that anyone travelling on a discounted ticket must produce proof of their entitlement to Ruter personnel on request.

Child discount

Available to children aged 4 to 15. Children under 4 travel free of charge. Child discount period tickets must be activated no later than on the day before the child’s 16th birthday.

Young Person’s discount

A discount on 7- and 30-day tickets is available to persons aged 16 to 19. Young people must pay full fare for all other types of ticket. Young Person's discount tickets must be activated no later than on the day before the person’s 20th birthday.

Discount for seniors and other concessions

Available to persons over 67, persons drawing a Norwegian disability pension, blind persons and spouses or cohabitees accompanying passengers who are entitled to a concessionary fare.

Student discount

A 40% discount is available on a 30-day ticket to students and work experience trainees under 30 years of age. Read the terms and conditions for student discounts here.

Family discount

A family discount entitles up to four children under 16 to accompany you free of charge on any adult ticket on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. 

Military service discount

Military service discounts are only given for single tickets. Norwegian military pay children’s price for single tickets during their period of service on showing identification.


The companions of disabled customers are entitled to fare discounts. During an inspection, you must be able to produce the proof of your registration as a companion issued by the municipality in which you are resident. The companions of deaf and blind persons are entitled to travel free of charge. During their first term, and up until 1 October, first grade school pupils travelling on a school ticket in Akershus may be accompanied by an adult travelling free of charge.

Kindergarten groups and school classes

Are entitled to a Rufus ticket (discounted group ticket).