Fossil Free 2020

By means of the project Fossil Free 2020 Ruter plans to achieve the goal of powering all public transport using renewable energy sources in 2020. To this end we are looking into testing a larger fleet of electric buses from 2016-20.

About the project

All public transport in Oslo and Akershus will run on renewable energy in the future. This means an ambitious transformation of the bus and boat fleets in the region. Ruter's ambition is to quickly implement the solutions that we believe are the best in a long-term perspective. Currently, our view is that electrical busses and boats are especially promising. Ruter is therefore looking into testing a large number of electric busses and associated infrastructure in regular service during 2016-20. We are now initiating a collaborative phase where we identify partners and concretize our ambitions and plans for testing of electric buses.

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Oslo European Green Capital

Oslo has been named European Green Capital for 2019.