Autonomous vehicles

In 2019 Ruter is trialing autonomous shuttles as part of Oslo’s public transport system.


Ruter believes that shared autonomous mobility will play an important part of the future transportation system. We therefore want to be in front of the development to learn and utilize the technology advances in this area.

Ruter has defined three main objectives for the project:

  1. Introduce the technology to customers and the market so that both users of public transport system as well as other road users get experience with autonomous vehicles.
  2. Explore the role such vehicles can play in the public transport network as well as what new mobility solutions are enabled.
  3. Prepare and develop Ruter, authorities and vendors for new technology and new services.

Where do we operate?

We plan to operate autonomous vehicles on several routes in Oslo and Akershus throughout the coming years. The projects will have different learning goals related to customer needs, traffic complexity and infrastructure.

Selvkjørende buss foran Rådhuset


Ruter has entered a Research and Development cooperation with holo (formerly Autonomous Mobility) for the project. Holo is responsible for delivery and operation of vehicles, including the responsibility for applying for permission from the Directorate of Public Roads.

The ongoing project is operated with four shuttles of model Arma from Navya. The buses are electric with 8 seats. There is also a host onboards with the responsibility for assisting passengers, answering questions about the vehicles and technology, and if necessary, take manual control of the vehicle to circumvent temporary obstructions in the road.


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