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Zones for Ruter and NSBs lines in Oslo and Akershus

Zone map. Zone map.

For Ruter’s and NSB’s lines in Oslo and Akershus, the price for the journey is calculated based on how many zones you pass through. You pay for a maximum of 5 zones for each single ticket, and for the period ticket you pay for a maximum of 3 zones.

Find the price for your ticket

In order to calculate the price for your ticket, you count the number of zones in which you want to travel (including the zones where you get on and off). Use the fares table to find your ticket and fare.

Download zone map.

About the zones

There are eight zones in Oslo and Akershus (1, 2V, 2S, 2Ø, 3S, 3Ø, 4S and 4N) in addition to four border zones (3V, 4V, 4S, 4Ø and 5S) where Ruter cooperates with neighbouring counties about prices.

Note: The entire Metro network is in Zone 1.

Published 9/15/2011 kl. 11:50 AM. Last updated 10/9/2014 kl. 9:09 AM