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Buy your ticket before you get on board

Buying a ticket at a ticket machine.

Everyone saves time if you buy your ticket in advance. You can buy your ticket using your mobile phone, at kiosks, from ticket machines, or at Ruter's Customer Service Centre and Service Points. We recommend you use your mobile or travelcard.

Benefits of buying your ticket in advance:

  • Everyone saves time getting on board
  • Your ticket will be cheaper – no onboard surcharge in Zone 1
  • No need to worry about cash.

Tickets on your mobile phone

The RuterBillett app gives you access to tickets when and where you need them. You can buy single tickets, 24-hour tickets, 7- and 30-day tickets, and supplementary tickets for additional zones. Read more about RuterBillett and download the app here.

Tickets on your travelcard

Your travelcard (Reisekort) is a plastic card on which you can carry and add tickets or pay-as-you-go credit. You also use it to activate tickets at our validators when you travel. If you have a subscription to a 30-day ticket or pay-as-you-go credit, you will always have a ticket ready on your travelcard. Order a travelcard at our webshop (only in Norwegian). Your travelcard will be sent to you in the post.

Sales outlets for tickets and travelcards

Below you will find a list of Ruter's sales outlets where you can get a travelcard and buy tickets.

Ticket machines

If you already have a travelcard, you can buy all Ruter's tickets (except a 365-day ticket) and top up your pay-as-you-go credit simply by using our ticket machines. If you don't have a travelcard, you can buy a single ticket and a 24-hour ticket (in the form of disposable Impuls tickets). You will find ticket machines at Metro stations, the larger bus and tram interchanges, and in train stations.

Kiosks and Service Points

You can buy all Ruter's tickets and obtain a travelcard at the following sales outlets:

  • The kiosks 7-Eleven, Deli De Luca, Mix and Narvesen, as well as some selected shops.
  • Ruter's Customer Service Centre and Service Points.
  • The bus terminals in Oslo and Lillestrøm.
  • NSB's staffed train stations. 

Ruter's webshop

At our online webshop, you can order a travelcard containing a 7-day ticket, 30-day ticket, or pay-as-you-go credit. Please note that your travelcard will be sent to you in the post. Visit our webshop (only in Norwegian).

On board trams, buses and ferries

We recommend that you buy your ticket before you get on board. However, you can buy a single ticket from the driver (on buses and trams) or ticketing personnel (on ferries). We will accept cash, but only NOK 200 notes or smaller. Remember that it's more expensive to buy a ticket on board in Zone 1.

You can also pay on board using pay-as-you-go credit. In this way you will avoid the onboard surcharge.

Published 7/19/2011 kl. 9:01 AM. Last updated 12/22/2014 kl. 10:07 AM